An Exploration of the Spiritual Universe the newest incarnation of this website which I created to celebrate the spirit of a Light and Life planet. In the Urantia papers, this is a world where truth, beauty and goodness have finally won the day and the people live in harmony, love and peace.

In my search for these ideals, I’ve been inspired most by three Revelations — the Urantia papers, A Course in Miracles, and the spirit-driven lectures of the Pathwork Foundation. Urantia explains the cosmology of the universe and your place in God’s ascension plan. ACIM helps you think from your true identity, as a spiritual being with a body. The Pathwork lecture series is a roadmap for living in the earth community and sharing productively with others.

From this introduction of these three Spiritual Revelations, we will also list other Light Workers on our community menu. If you would like a listing, send me an e-mail about your project and a link. We are most interested in Altruism. Marketing spirit-driven books and music is fine too.

I join with you in wishing for Peace on Earth and good will between all people. I truly believe you will enjoy and learn from these Revelations, and meet some loving, caring people if you join with them.

- Jim Cleveland

In a world of Light and Life as described in the Urantia Book, there is Universal Love between all in the human family, and they work together to build great societies.


But the Urantia Book casts a dark light upon the realities of the evolving world we live in.


From The Urantia Book, paper 70, published in 1955


The nations of Urantia have already entered upon the gigantic struggle between nationalistic militarism and industrialism, and in many ways this conflict is analogous to the age-long struggle between the herder-hunter and the farmer. But if industrialism is to triumph over militarism, it must avoid the dangers which beset it. The perils of budding industry on Urantia are:

1. The strong drift toward materialism, spiritual blindness.

2. The worship of wealth-power, value distortion.

3. The vices of luxury, cultural immaturity.

4. The increasing dangers of indolence, service insensitivity.

5. The growth of undesirable racial softness, biologic deterioration.

6. The threat of standardized industrial slavery, personality stagnation. Labor is ennobling but drudgery is benumbing.


We have a long path to Light and Life, and each of our paths is unique.

      This site reflects my personal search for genuine Revelations of universal truth that can help us grow our wisdom and our souls and finally wash our planet in the Living Waters of Light and Life. There are three which I most appreciate, and will feature here.


THE URANTIA BOOK explains the cosmology of the universe, our planetary history, and the true story of the Jesus incarnation on our world — an amazing adventure in empathy and Love.


A COURSE IN MIRACLES explains a greater reality for us, a personal polarity shift. We are spirits with bodies. Her Indwelling Spirits challenged the keystroking author to step beyond her aetheism into deeper levels of understanding.


PATHWORK. The collected lectures of a gifted channel and ‘the guide’ comprise a rich treasure of narratives that teach us about living in the flesh, understanding and working with others.


LIGHT BRINGERS. On our MENU at left, we will feature a growing list of sites and publications that seek Light and Life on our world and promote elements of Truth, Beauty and Goodness to help us get there.