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Over the years, I’ve learned that the truest and most empowering soul-building knowledge comes from our Spirits within, out of the quiet times, the Stillness. The rest comes laden with a cacophony of human speculations based on the falsehoods people believe.

There are three exceptionally compelling spiritual revelations that are published in the world, and each of them came from celestial connections. We share them here --- and we share lesson narratives from many visiting celestial teachers.

The Urantia Book, published in 1955, explains the cosmology of the Universe, the ascension plan for mortals in the time and space worlds and the true story of the Jesus incarnation. It was presented by various authors in the spiritual hierarchy and our United Midwayers, who share the planet.

A Course in Miracles constructs a productive system of spiritual thinking resulting from a polar shift in realization – that we are spiritual personalities with material bodies in a classroom of mortal experience. ACIM defines a reality that can’t be threatened, and is anchored in deeper truth.

The Pathwork Foundation lectures of Eva Perriokas and “The Guide” deliver spiritual revelation to our world, with an emphasis on learning to accept and work with one another cohesively in spirit, to live in peace and altruism and build community. Click The Pathwork Foundation for a collection of 258 lectures.

See the compatibility of these revelatory works and how they complement each other through our search engines and links.

Besides these published materials, we have interacted with Urantia-based celestial teachers since 1992 in personal, spirit-centered transmitting-receiving (TR) gatherings, and at a number of conferences and retreats.

The Teaching Mission is an interplanetary education program designed to raise spiritual consciousness in ascending mortal personalities. A wave of supernal teachers have utilized a new super-consciousness transmitting-receiving process to produce thousands of pages of lessons for over a quarter century. Visitors include mission leaders Christ Michael of Nebadon (Jesus) and Machiventa Melchizedek.

The Magisterial Mission empowers humans with co-creative projects to confront serious earth changes and endemic corruption, and develop a new era of sustainable institutions that incorporate spiritual values. We offer hundreds of transmissions with compelling views on our troubled world and this “Time of Correction.”

For these revelatory materials we offer searchable databases to find teachers and topics of interest and do some interesting cross-reference research.

And just what is “Light and Life” in our title?

In a world of Light and Life as described in the Urantia Book, there is Universal Love between all in the human family, and they work together to build great societies.

But these 196 papers casts a dark light upon the realities of the rebellion-wracked evolving world we live in and highlights our challenges.

From The Urantia Book, paper 70, published in 1955

The nations of Urantia have already entered upon the gigantic struggle between nationalistic militarism and industrialism, and in many ways this conflict is analogous to the age-long struggle between the herder-hunter and the farmer. But if industrialism is to triumph over militarism, it must avoid the dangers which beset it. The perils of budding industry on Urantia are:

1. The strong drift toward materialism, spiritual blindness.

2. The worship of wealth-power, value distortion.

3. The vices of luxury, cultural immaturity.

4. The increasing dangers of indolence, service insensitivity.

5. The growth of undesirable racial softness, biologic deterioration.

6. The threat of standardized industrial slavery, personality stagnation. Labor is ennobling but drudgery is benumbing.

We confront these challenges and opportunities today as we work with spiritual guidance to redeem the planet.

We have a long path to Light and Life, and each of our paths is unique so we struggle to work together. We can. I hope you enjoy these revelatory documents and inspirations from celestial voices out of the silence that will guide us in the journey.

It’s a journey motivated by Love, not fear. And a teacher told us: There are as many paths to God as there as souls to walk them.

Here is our spiritual search engine site to help you along the way, along with some insightful documents and media, and links to discover new spiritual connections.

-- Jim Cleveland, Teaching Mission Network

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