10 by David Eugene Glass


by David Eugene Glass


Oh, Father of all the inhabited worlds,

True Godhead of galaxies, star-drifts and suns:

We adore your enormity. Stupendous whirls

Of great nebular arms and vast space-sweeping runs

Of subliminal energies infinitesimal,

Ranging the star-fields, and shining on earths

Far remote from our world, which is experimental,

And finding its place in your cosmos; new births

Of galactic star-clouds taking form in the ethers,

Encircling the cosmic domain’s shining brilliance,

Awakening wonder in all God-believers

Who take in the vastness and vibrant resilience

Of all the wide, fanciful cosmic parameters,

Lit by a myriad space-borne light-emitters.

Radiant glories untold from your heartbeats

Are pulsing throughout all the circuits and lanes

Of the starry dimensions in regular repeats

Of outward-gushed energies—sovereign reigns

Of Omnipotent Power upholding each atom

And every ultimaton throughout the regions.

Life permeates all the series of atom-

Ic, vivified life-forms, now numbering legions.

Observant and growing bright Children of Light

Sing anthems of homage to you, whose vast features

Are beamed from your prior, pre-manifest bright-

Ness of Absolute Oneness, turned Ceaseless Endeavor,

Unending expansion for your and our pleasure.


Heart to heart, the creature’s and the Creator’s,

Sensing our Oneness, Spirit God and Child;

The boisterous boomings of the Permeator’s

Heartbeats and his Enegy and Wild

Expansions from his Central Self, the Source,

Extends to my intelligence afar.

Love-gravity is running through its course,

Bathing each planet, every soul, each star.

And as its pulsings circuitize my heart,

A flooding passion of our heartfelt unity,

My oneness with the Whole and every Part,

Enraptures me in oceans of divinity.

It opens every portal of my soul

And teaches that my heart contains the Whole.


The time of The Awakening is near—

“Near,” by Galactic Time, it is indeed.

Aroused are many souls, while some do fear,

But all shall see God’s fully flowered seed.

The Seeds of Truth await their sacred hour

When they will bloom to bless a garden wide,

Unfolding all their Beauty through each flower

From inner chambers where the buds do hide.

And after reaching fullness of their planthood,


To lead aspirants everywhere to brotherhood,

When everyone shall find the Father’s Heart.

When human destiny is comprehended,

Our world will bloom as Father God intended.


We all shall know the harmony of spirit

Attuning us to inner unity,

A demonstration of our kindred spirit

As children of the same One Deity.

The many variations which divide us

Shall be eclipsed by transcendental LOVE;

The inner spirit’s working shall unite us

In brotherhood on earth like that above.

As rays projected out from one bright Center,

Retracted to Divinity shall we

Be drawn unto the Universal Center,

The focus of Eternal Harmony.

The primacy of spirit gives us kinship—

A universal family of friendship.


May I say something to inspire you, brother?

You have a perfect spirit in your mind.

T’will lead you on from one end to the other

Of this colossal universe—so wide.

You have a loving seraphim to guide you

And God the Father loves you from afar.

He lives within your heart and He will guide you

Beyond the farthest planet, brightest star

And galaxy throughout his vast dominions.

A universal school is what you’ll find

When you leave off enrollment in these regions

And rise to firmaments of Perfect Mind.

God lives within your soul, and He will lead you,

And should you wish to pray, He’ll surely heed you.


I thank you, my Father, for creating me

In the midst of a Universe Family.

The blessings of love I do now return

To you, my Great Father, while I do earn

The achievements of cosmic citizenship

As a member in your Divine Partnership.

I thank you for bestowing on me free will

By use of which I’ll advance until

That Great Day of Oneness arrives on high

Of our Spirit-Soul Fusion in Your Golden Sky!

In limitless happiness, boundless love,

I shall find all your treasures and joys above.

Lead me in life by your perfect will;

Guide me each day, and at night, be there, still.

Omnipotent Father, my personal Lord—

You have given me life; You Alone can afford

Me a breath-taking view of your boundless infinity,

Appreciable only in endless eternity.

I thank you, my Father; I love you, I greet you.

A faith-son ascending—I come now to meet you.


Be absolute for God, the Perfect Center!

Make straight your arrows; deeply arch your bows.

Eschew the wayward paths, the lowlands hinter;

Have confidence your Inner Spirit knows

The Way to lead you out of misperception

Into the light of true Self-Mastery!

God’s righteousness admits of no deception—

No feigned love, nor faithless flattery;

God loves us each with equal impartation:

Infinity Of Love He gives to All.

To him avow yourself; His invitation

I now beseech you take—accept His call!

Know God, and find the joy of true devotion;

He loves you now across his Cosmic Ocean.


When Spirit takes its steps toward Global Love,

It finds in every single man the same

Great LOVE bestowed from pristine realms above

Which knows its every child by his own name.

In truth, since all the world are spirit-kin,

We shall themselves in everyone detect

That Spirit which exists in all earth’s men—

Which here has come to comfort, calm, protect,

And help us all to better understand

That earth, this Lovely Planet, is the first

Of many far-flung universal lands

That each of us shall visit. Every thirst

For Love and Light shall—like a Dream Come True—

Find matchless Beauty, Truth, and Goodness, too!


Our life’s a Gift with God’s own guarantee

That all its many blessings shall not cease:

The life that throbs in human forms we see

Shall go with us; our forms here rest in peace.

Our Spirit’s like a lightweight ping-pong sphere—

One far immersed beneath the ocean’s deep—

Which, once released, swims swiftly to be near

The sunlit brilliance of the sky—to sleep

No more by dark and drifting shadows kept

From finding the blue sky’s respeldent gold.

No need is there to have the shadows swept,

Because no one will linger there once told

Of all the liberty that lives in skies

Where souls find universal family ties.


With joyous hearts, we live within Your Presence—

YOU—who are everywhere around us now.

We bring you Gifts of Love and Thanks, our Presents,

In our appreciation for your vow

To show us All of Truth, although the time

Involved may be of vast near-endless scope.

From seeming chaos unto worlds sublime

We’ll climb while you expand our every hope.

And yet we sense right now and all around us

Your Ordering Presence making manifest

A Greater Age of Glory to astound us

With your all-wondrous LOVE. And we are blessed

To know that, even while our world is quaking,

It is a better world that you are making.

© Light and Life.com 2012