July 7, 1993

Unknown: (Jim, TR) There are many souls here tonight, and they're all feeling one with the presence of God. Take the time in each of your days to be with him. Let others feel free to join in.

Anastacia: Good evening, everyone. This is Anastacia. This is indeed a joyous occasion. I wish we could share with you the light that is flowing from your hearts at this very moment. I wish you could see as we see you sitting here and joining in your adoration and your love and your desire to share the Heavenly Father's love with all you know, with everyone that you love, and even with those you do not lmow. You are all so sincere and so wanting. You are so truly desirous of peace on earth, goodwill toward men. We would encourage you to make this a very joyous and a very happy group experience. Please feel free to speak out. We encourage your questions, and we also encourage anyone who feels the urge or the desire to speak out, to please join us this evening. This is truly a safe haven for you. This is a place where you can speak your heart's desires, the fears, the joy, the questions, whatever is there for you. Do not be concerned and do not be afraid.

Astar: I welcome the chance to speak to you tonight. My name is Astar. How wonderful it is to see a group of people sharing love as they do and in contact with my beloved friends that I have made on this planet, It is such a joy to be here among you as I have traveled with Anastacia and Orden visiting each of you this past week. I am deeply impressed by the love and devotion that you have put into this mission. I am deeply impressed to see you studying the lessons and the transmissions that you have received from allover the United States. It is so joyous to see this happening on Urantia. We have been quite concerned about your planet for a long time, and this mission is progressing so wonderfully, and everyone is so encouraged at the progress that it is making at this time. Thank you for letting me visit with you.

Anastacia: Many of you have expressed concern that you are not progressing or that the mission is not progressing or that even the task at hand is far to unwieldy for us to attempt, let alone achieve; and we say to you that is far from the truth. I can say to you without any hesitation, you cannot believe the light that is growing on your planet, You just please allow your hearts and your minds and your bodies to be filled with the most brilliant light that you can imagine. Close your eyes at this time and just feel and envision the light filling you, the light that you spoke of earlier in your lesson. Feel it now; see it now; sense it now in your body. The light and the love that is God. Do you feel it? Do you sense it? Can you see it? Do you feel it now expanding out through you? Out, pouring out into the universe. These points of light are everywhere on your planet, and the points of light will soon be joining each other. The beams are reaching out even now on every level, on many levels, on more levels than you can possibly imagine.

Do not concentrate or even think about the things that are not working, about the negative that is here on your planet. Do not spend the time, do not waste your energy. Allow your light to pour out to the world. Allow God's love to flow through you to all your brothers and sisters. This is not necessarily your job, but your opportunity. This is something that you have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in and, we do hope you are feelin~ the joy and understanding the joy and the pleasure that this should give to you. It is not a job in the sense that you think of a job. It is truly a blessing and an opportunity. We hope that each morning when you awaken your are understanding and aware of the love that is pouring out to you and you say your thanks to the Heavenly Father and your prayers to Michael and allow yourself to just for a moment get in touch with the teachers and the spiritual beings that are there for you. Just let yourself remember that they are all there for you throughout the day and then be on your way and spread your light and spread your love.

Rhonda: Thank you, Anastacia. That was beautiful and inspiring.

Anastacia: Are there any questions or comments this evening?

Peter: I can definitely feel the harmony of love emanating from this room. We are all in tune, coming closer and closer together as time goes by, just as intended with this teaching mission. This is Peter, personal guide. It is a pleasure joining in your meetings weekly. Your progression is noted; your efforts will be rewarded. Please take the time to see where you are. Focus on where you're going and forget where you have been. The world of love, joy, happiness, is here for you now. Please take it and spread it throughout your community. Be as Anastacia suggests, a point of light. Others will be drawn to the light of truth emanating from you as God's love surrounds you and as you become God's love.

Oran: I would share - this is Oran, and I am Sharon's personal teacher. I have seldom spoken within the group. as I must and choose to allow Anastacia and others to speak before me to share with you all. However, I would like you to lmow that there is quite a camaraderie among the teachers that are here for each of you and to remind you all that even if you do not feel you have heard your teacher or sensed your teacher, your teacher is there for you.

We are all here for you, and we are all pulling for each and every one of you. We send our love. You all know of your teachers, and we say to you be patient;



Ordon/Anastacia Transcripts; Dallas. TX


Jim: Would you explain the difference between what we're doing and the miracles which Jesus so clearly discouraged or desired not to perform?

Anastacia: If you will remember that he did caution against considering these to be miracles. Many of the ills that people suffer are not physically initiated. A headache, particularly, or aches and pains, are oftentimes emotional or stress related, and applying energy, or God's love, which is what you are working with, enables the person to release the tension or the stress which is effecting the muscle or the blood vessel or what have you. You see, you are doing mentally and through love what can be accomplished medically and through medicine. They both achieve the same results, they just use different pills, if you will. Is that satisfactory or is there more that you would question?

Jim: So we're not talking about miracles here?

Anastacia: No, you are not A miracle is something that is beyond the norm or beyond what you would consider to be an acceptable human condition or phenomenon, and there is much healing accomplished through energy and through love and through belief.

Jim: The true miracles in The Urantia Book would be like the healing of the many hundreds at sunset, or the man he put the mud on his eyes and he could see? I take it that those two at least were more of miracles than what we're talking about doing tonight

Anastacia: That is correct And, of course, the most famous or one of the most famous is the water into wine, and that is an instance where there was a definite act that was committed that was beyond what is normal on your planet. But no, please do not consider yourselves to be "miracle workers."

Michele: So we're not going to be able to turn water into wine? (Laughter)

Anastacia: Well, would you settle for lemonade? No, I definitely do not think that will be happening at this time.

Jeannie: Well, I'm disappointed, because I thought that if everybody's mind became synchronized, that we could produce wine.

Michele: Well, we could all think it was wine. (Laughter) Anastacia: There you go. Very good. There is much to mind power. We appreciate your questions. You see, this is something that most people are rather concerned about and a little afraid to try, so we say to you this is not unusual; and we understand your hesitation and we respect your concern that you not be presenting yourself to be creating miracles. Your certainIy are not

You are sharing love, and you're sharing a healing energy we all have; and you all have energies available to you that you are not using and that could be increased, as we've discussed before. This is what we were speaking of. If you will read back or remember back, we spoke quite some time ago about getting into this type of work, into doing some healing or some energy wort. We continue to bring it up periodically, so this is a continuation; and we do encourage you to try it, and we know you feel somewhat hesitant Better to err on that side than to go off thinking you are doing miracles. We will never let you do that

We would like to say hello to Julia this evening.

Thank you for joining us.

Julia: Hello. I've enjoyed the sparks of energy. Anastacia: We are all sending our love down to you, and we know that you are feeling it I would like to encourage you to end your meeting with a circle and with much love among yourselves.

Rhonda: Just for curiosity's sake, may I ask who we're speaking to now?

Anastacia: Yes. This is Anastacia. Thank you. I have been in and out between Andrea and myself, and I am sorry we did not identify ourselves very well. Would anyone else care to let their teachers speak, or even say hello for their teachers? You could certainly do that.

Jim: Francis says hello. Anastacia: Thank you.

Jeannie: Well, certainly, Torch says hello. Uh-oh. I just saw a blue blob over in the comer. I bet that was Torch lighting up when his name is mentioned. (Laughter)

Michele: What did he say? Light my fire?

Jeannie: Well, you know, he always talks about handing the torch of God to each person so that it will light their heart and they in turn will light others' hearts, and this keeps going and going and becomes contagious like a rapid fire.

Anastacia: And we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeannie for her continued work and dedication to this mission. I want you all to know how much we appreciate her. and Ordon and myself and all the teachers, we probably don't say it often enough, but she puts out a great deal of time and energy and love; and we certainly do appreciate her input and her willingness to work.

Jeannie: I humbly thank you.

Rhonda: Well, just so everybody will know how I perceive Jeannie, my nickname for her is "Blessing."

Jeannie: I was wondering if anybody else would like to take up the lessons?

Michele: We like the way you do them.

Jeannie: Well, think about it. Some other teacher might want to take it up.

Anastacia: That is an excellent thought, and you might just let that be out there for you to think about; and perhaps

7·18-93 Michael and others


Ordon/Anastacia Transcripts; Dallas, TX


Unknown: A steady supply of love and light with no night.

He is there for you always. Trust him. Be with him, sure in the knowledge that he is real, that he is a part of your life. Journey into the stillness; patiently he waits for you there. Find in him the foundation of your being. Find in him the satisfaction of all desire. Father, we love you. We will be your partner. Let us be the leaven in the bread we make together, that we may feed a hungry world. Grant us your peace, Father, as we walk. with the angels.

RhondEL: I believe we witness another in a series of great spectacles this evening. Wondrous are your open hearts and minds. We would request that each of you remain attuned into your highest source in order that the greatest benefit may be attained this evening. I call upon each of you here this evening to welcome one another as we open our hearts to you.

Ellen (TR): That's all he has to say right now.

Mark: Well, I would like to say thank you for coming. RhondEL: Many have arrived here 10 witness this ceremony of love, and we would like to welcome you as well.

Mark: Might you expand on the benefits of these two groups getting together?

Ellen (TR): Michael is here to speak 10 that

Michael: I am your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.

My heart is warm as I perceive you all have come to here many messages of great wonder and necessity. The joining of hearts and minds in union with the ultimate purpose in the teaching mission must be seen as a great advance in its - the teaching mission'seffectiveness. Once then all parts are joined, then the glory of my presence will be heard throughout. All peoples and many neighboring planets await this tremendous event Have the messages which you have received recently brought to your experience the possibilities for this kind of joining effect? (TR: I'm not sure about "effect") (TR: Mark, he speaks directly to you wondering if you've seen this recently?)

Mark: Yes.

Nancy: May we ask more about hearts as one, other things that have cropped up in messages from time 10 time implying that we are not separate, but we are one? There is nothing that separates us from one another. Will our world reach the desired level when we all recognize that we are one? That we are joined somehow in you?

Michael: Indeed, a great step taken towards spirituality and wholeness includes the knowingness of connectedness; however, further action and understanding completing the evolution of soul interaction and my impact

on each of your lives is necessary as well, for though we are all connected, truly each individual has unique learning, unique spiritual experiences which induce learning on a variety of levels. My inclusion in this process is of utmost importance. The inclusion of love is not only a necessity, it encompasses all existence regardless of one's perception; so that many who attain levels of understanding the unity, belong. All your peoples have yet to discover the true importance of unconditional love and approval of each soul's personal journey and enactment of their divine plan.

Jim: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this teaching mission and for living your life as you did here on Urantia.

Michael: Pleasurable is my own experience here, and I weep with the happiness of knowing your gratitude.

Jim: For a long time I felt alone in the universe, and I no longer feel that way. Truth.

Michael: Your heart is open and has been touched by many who love and care for you. I honor and enjoy.

Nancy: When we were asked 10 see you in everyone that we meet, are we able to do that because, as we were told, you live your life anew through each of us as we learn and grow spiritually? You really are present in each one of us? And does that mean that. in one sense, we are your body collectively? Like we're many cells of your body trying, however feebly, to do what you would have us to do

Ellen: Let me finish the sentence that I was trying to transcribe, and then we'll continue. The sentenced finished that Michael enjoys believing in you as much as you believe in him. Now,let's see ...

Michael: Collectively my body encompasses a universe of experiences. I am truly not of physical form, yet find myself discovering many joys in the small parts of my creation which discover for themselves many physical pleasures and also pain at times, which overwhelms some. I include myself in your being, for I am you Creator. My evolution responds to the evolution of your personal creative makeup. It is an interactive joy; and it is one which I observe in wonder at times, and at others I participate in fully. Do you understand my part in this great universe?

Nancy: Not as well as I would like to, but I work at it. Michael: Now, I believe it is time to enlighten those who are of curious nature. My part is truly your part. I encompass all that exists here, yet also I receive and learn from my children of great faith. Together we create this incredible pattern of life. Existence is exactly what we claim it to be. I return 10 Urantia to intervene and assist my children, the children of sorrow and pain, those who have lost the light of Our Father. Together we claim this

August 4, 1993


Ordon/Anastacia Transcripts; Dallas, TX


 Anastacia: Good evening, everyone. This is Anastacia. We thank you for gathering tonight It is always our pleasure to be with you. We have a smaller group than usual tonight

We enjoyed your discussions regarding different ways that you can bring up your spirituality. We especially liked the evidence of your knowledge that it is best to restrict your comments to your personal experiences. Very seldom do people respond as you would like for them to when you present suggestions for what they should do in their own lives, It is always appropriate to talk about your experiences with God.

Sometimes people feel embarrassment at the mention of God. It is a bench mark when an individual is no longer embarrassed to talk about the Heavenly Father. It is also a relief for some individuals to hear another mention God, because they have an emptiness that has not been satisfied thus far in their experiences and feel alone with their thoughts. Any time you come in contact with such a person, your words will fall as drops of rain on their dusty heart.

It takes a certain form of courage to mention God.

Sometimes some individuals feel fear as to how their words will be perceived. The goal is to cultivate your own ability to discern those who have dusty hearts. To do this requires boldness with sensitivity. This ability will be refined throughout your entire lives, and we applaud the very real efforts you are making now. This relates to lessons already given about teaching spiritual values through the example of living spiritual values. It is a skill all in this room are mastering to various degrees. We are charmed and enthralled by the consistency of your sincerity. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. This is what I meant when I mentioned the particular courage to talk about God.

Are there any questions?

Jeannie: Anastacia, what's the difference in sharing from your own personal experience and planting seeds, obvious seeds? I know sometimes you do it in the lessons. You tell just a little more, you plant a little seed of something. But it's always when you're talking about a subject, and then you plant the little seed there. Like say, for instance, your specialties you were talking about, all the teachers have specialties, and so you perk our interests. You've just mentioned that this time, and then Welmek mentioned he had - his specialty was international groups, going around and visiting. Is that like planting seeds? The difference between planting seeds and sharing? When you're doing outreach work.

Anastacia: First,let me say that every individual will prove to have unique abilities, talents, that will be directed in the Father's plan for the highest good of everyone. You all have specialties; some you have recognized, others are not yet revealed to you.

Planting seeds is when you drop tidbits that may arouse the curiosity of the listener or may resurface in their thought patterns at a later date. The only wisdom you can drop as seeds is that which you know, and you "know" through experience. Sharing your experiences does many things besides plant seeds. It also brings about a closeness with your listener that can help facilitate trust, compassion, and generally create an environment conductive of spiritual growth. Any time you share with someone, you suggest to that person that they are worthy of sharing with. All of this is beneficial to the development of the types of relationships that will improve your world. Planting seeds is one of many activities that may prompt a person to think; and thinking is what we want people to do. Sharing and planting seeds can be the same thing or closely related. Does this help?

Jeannie: Yes. I will say that Jesus never shared from his personal experience. What I mean by that is he didn't say, "Well I got up this morning and went and ... " He didn't use the first person; so would you say then that he planted seeds mostly?

Anastacia: Jesus had a remarkable ability to discern the best approach to the spiritual needs of his listeners. He planted many seeds that had a profound effect on people's lives. He did speak from personal experience in daily conversations; but in his adulthood he was very accomplished at reading correctly the needs of his listeners, and many times directed his comments to those needs. This style is reported in the Urantia Book, but he also made personal references when it was appropriate.

Sometimes you feel you must contrive ways to communicate because this type of communication is more or less stifled on this planet, but this will not always be the case. Sharing is, in a way, a technique to overcome the barriers, but more than a technique, because it also benefits you because it is not good to be isolated; and if you never share of yourself, isolation would be your condition. The feelings of contrivance come because it is contrived, sometimes. When the world embraces a spiritual life above all else, there will not be any need to contrive to talk about God in an unoffensive way, which is what you must practice now. Does this help clarify for you, Jeannie?

Jeannie: Yes.

Jim: Anastacia, I've been feeling very bad lately, very disconnected, very angry, very put upon; and I'm feeling better here tonight I feel more connected. Do you have any insight for me, what I'm doing or the mistake I'm making or why I'm having this trouble?

Anastacia: It is good for you to come and be with people who care and understand. This is an obvious benefit of fellowship. Are the things that make you angry or put upon things that you can effect?

September 5,1993


Ordon/Anastacia Transcripts; Dallas, TX


(Opening words were lost) ... full of love that's being gently placed over us or around us.

Peter: My brothers and my sisters. know that the love of our Father is protecting you. as it is each time that you desire this. His love is now enfolding and surrounding all of you. Know that you are truly loved and well protected. This is Peter. Please feel free to open your hearts to the Father and each other for we are all safe. Have a truly blessed. blessed meeting.

Alicia: This is Alicia. Many greetings. my cherished daughters and sons. We bring great tidings of peace. Naturally. there is much hope and expectation this evening included in your hearts, You must find the gemstone of joy and retrieval of hope. We can accomplish much in this way.

Michael: Greetings. I am Michael of Nebadon, Jesus of Nazareth. your Creator. your father. your brother. your loving and devoted friend. I desire to take a moment as I embrace each of you with my energy. This gathering is unique in many aspects. Many possibilities are presented today. There are many who are gathered observing in the spiritual realm. many teachers and many angels. The sky is filled with the hosts. Much excitement. joy. love. compassion. is showering upon you. my most beloved children.

It would be most neglectful if I did not take a moment to acknowledge the faithful work. the devotion bestowed upon you. by your individual and group teachers. They are indeed to be commended. for without their unfailing guidance and devotion to duty. this gathering would not have been. Mere words do not express my gratitude to them. They 'require only your willingness to work with them. They respond faithfully always to their duty to you. Their purpose is to assist in opening your hearts. minds. thoughts. to the Father. to me. to my presence in your life. You have but to ask me; I respond. I preside over your daily life.

True. I am a Creator of a universe; yet my presence. energy, knows no bounds, no limits. I am here for each of you. Should you feel need, should you feel lost, should you feel alone or frightened, you have only to call my name. I answer, listen. You each have felt my presence. You each know my personal response to your cries. your pleas. I never turn away from you. I never have; I never will. I want only to have each and every one of my children-material, morontial, spiritual-know me as I know them with complete. total love; not judgmental, never, never condemning; always replete with eternal compassion and love.

EI Lea tires; this connection is strong. the circuit well maintained; however, the energy pouring into her is difficult for her physical body. I will turn this meeting over now to my teachers. Rejoice, my beloved children. Be glad of heart, for you are each full of the spirit of our Father. Farewell. (A break was taken)

RhondEL: We are here to welcome you in celebration, my fellows. my dear chosen ones. You have overcome great obstacles; and now we celebrate, joined with you. The harmony which we perceive at this moment is exceptional in quality and in its forcefulness. There is no need to find fear. for it has been erased. Allowing openness of heart, you may realize the relinquishment-{fR: Let me start over on that sentence.) Finding openness with courageous hearts. we come to you honoring the gifts you both receive and give simultaneously. Let us know you as we allow knowledge of ourselves to pass into your beings. Explore with us that we may better know and understand the Father's love for each of us. That is all.

Anastacia: This is Anastacia. We welcome the opportunity to join with you in your praise, your worship of the Father. It is good for you, people of different areas. to get together and explore your similarities and differences. All is one under the Father's watch care, and it is satisfying for us to observe the sincerity in you all. The pureness of your motivations greatly enhances the progress you are making in your experience of the Father. We commend you and encourage you to love one another in fellowship whenever possible. That is all.

Machiventa: Good evening. most blessed children. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, I wish to let you all know how wonderful it is for the gathering of the groups, the individuals and their contributions. We are most pleased. and we do understand the concerns. There has been a showing of faith that is most endearing and loving that tells us that your faith is all encompassing. We want you to know that we are all here with you and we go with you where you go and we support you. We know that your love and faith is steadfast and Michael and our Father go with you at all times. Thank you for this gathering. and thank you for the opportunity to speak.

Ellen: Machiventa, are you open for questions? Machiventa: Yes.

Ellen: I feel. too, an extraordinary amount love and faith in this room. I was wondering what it is that you see as probable for us as we sit here. I wonder how we continue to outreach and help other people know of the gifts that are available, the gifts that we've forgotten, had forgotten about but are gently and lovingly reminded of. I would like to share this with many others, but I don't know how.

Machiventa: It is most simple: by being the examples that you all have proven to be; by being yourselves and showing who you are, your love and faith and devotion to Michael and the Father. It shows in everything you do. Believe me, my children, when I say that we see so much more than what you see, each and every one of you in your daily lives. You do not see the impact, or the ripples in the pond, so to speak. but they are there.


Orden/ Anastacia Transcripts; Dallas. TX


Michele: So, Anastacia, is what your telling us is if our attention is positively focused. we're instrumental in spreading positive influence all around us? And if our attention is focused on something negative, then we will likewise have a negative influence within our sphere of influence?

Anastacia: Yes. And also within your own spiritual path, within your own self-that your thoughts are a great part of what you are-and so, it is more valuable to you and to others when your outlook is positive and focused on the Father, and your conversations will naturally reveal that, and there is where your attention is, and so it goes on, an ever ascending path upwards.

The reverse can be true when negative thoughts, focused on self, pun you down a descending path. That is not really much of a problem among the members of this group. I was merely relating some of the values regarding the types of conversations that Jeannie mentioned having, in relating several different kinds of thoughts to the good of having your thoughts on spiritual matters, which are reflected in your conversations.

Are there any other questions?

Michele: Yes. I wonder what the quickest way to eliminate any negative thoughts are when they manage to encroach upon our minds?

Anastacia: The first step is recognizing a negative thought Many times people caught up in that process don't even realize it Prayer on that concern would be helpful. Pray to Michael that you will notice undesirable thought patterns and that he will illuminate the desirable alternatives in your minds.

Jeannie: Did you mean to say, "and he willGroup: -illuminate."

Jeannie: Okay. I'm understanding what you said. Anastacia: Also, a positive outlook is an act of will; and for some people, exerting their will in a positive direction does not occur to them. Many times people float along on the currents of life, not realizing that they can choose many more times than they actually do choose. The human will is a profound tool, and a most underutilized tool by most people. Even people who are committed to the Father many times do not exert their will in their own thought processes with the kind of fierceness and determination that marks the identity of self with the Father that proceeds fusion with your Thought Adjuster.

There is a sense of loyalty applied actively to every encounter, every situation, every decision, every thought, every aspect of one's being; and this is your primary goal in life. But it is not something that will happen overnight. It will happen day by day, moment by moment, for all of your life and beyond. It will feel like strength and solidness in your being. The more fiercely that you commit your will to the Father, the more surely you will be able to crowd out negative thoughts.

Other things are also part of it, such as contentment to let the future take care of itself-faith in the Father's overcare. (pause)

TR: Seems like I kind of just lost it. I'm not hearing anything anymore.

Michele: Maybe it's one of those "what-more-can-yousay" faith in the Father's overcare. It's so ultimate.

TR: I get the feeling that where it was going was that those kind of things tie in with the ability to let go of negative thoughts. All different kinds of things like that

Michele: Well, thank you, Anastacia. That was all very well put and easy to understand.

Anastacia: You are most welcome, and I thank you for asking the question and therefore providing me an opportunity to serve.

Jeannie: Oh, Anastacia, you're so sweet.

Anastacia: Joanna said last week, "The Mutual Admiration Society," and we are certainly card-carrying members. (Laughter and group chatter)

Are there any other questions?

Michele: Well, don't everyone talk at once.

Marian: Well, I think you've covered it all. Jeannie: (Laughter) No, she forgot two points.

Jim: And what was that? (Jeannie laughs and group joins in laughter)

Michele: You have to tell them. You have to come up with the two points, Jim. That's your job.

Jim: My job?

Michele: Yes.

Jim: Cause I asked?

Jeannie: Are you?

Jim: Well, I think I'm glad that I'm being able to move at my own pace. Sometimes I move forward, sometimes I don't move at all, but I appreciate being allowed to move at my own pace.

Marian: So do I.

Jeannie: It's delightful, isn't it?

Mark: Sort of the nature of the personal relationship, isn't it?

Michele: Sort of like what were all doing, huh? Mark: Isn't it beautiful?

Ruthan: It strengthens it.

Anastacia: That is the only pace there is.

Jim: You don't have an agenda for us; you don't have a timetable for us.

Michele: Eternity.

Anastacia: I find that many times you're keeping me on

September 15, 1993


Ordon/Anastacia Transcripts; Dallas, TX


Anastacia: Good evening; this is Anastacia. We have enjoyed your interactions very much. We welcome our visitor, and we welcome the return, after an absence, of Lucero. We know, Lucero, that your thoughts have frequently been with the group, and we observe with pleasure that your circwnstances are ordering themselves so that you will join us more frequently.

There is very high energy tonight and we welcome the opportunity to participate and speak with you. We enjoy that you are all making stronger contributions. The discussions reach a high quality level with more participation from each individual, as you can see for yourselves.

Are there any questions?

Michele: Yes, Anastacia. We were going to address--and we may have already done this well enough in the group, I don't know. We were going to address why the teachers refer to God as Father and why Deity is designated as male so much more often than female, that it's focused on that way.

Anastacia: This is primarily a feature of verbal communication and has very little to do with an individual's experience of God, which is the real communication. Languages everywhere are limited in their scope and ability to communicate ideas and concepts. But what you already experience and will increasingly experience with clearer understanding as you traverse the ascension career planned for you is that language is no longer the form of communication you employ regarding God.

These concerns are academic and-although real in some people's minds-will be overcome at some point in each person's understanding of God. It is much like attempting to describe a three dimensional concept to a two dimensional reality/existence. (1R: I seem to have kind of lost it)

~: Maybe there is nothing left to say.

Mechele: That was a pretty thorough answer. Thank you. m: Does anybody want to add any comments to that subject?

Eric: I like the last analogy of the three dimensional concept and the two dimensional reality, that-leaving the three dimensions-trying to understand the fifth dimensional concept could easily be difficult for us.

m: I think the main gist of the whole idea was that we could consider our inner experiences with God our real communication and just understand that any kind of language or any kind of verbal communication is limited, inherently, and that words don't really have anything to do with anything.

Michele: The words are limiting. m: Yes. that's what I was getting.

Lucero: Anastacia, thank you very much. because I have Him here. (she puts her hand over her heart). And thank you for welcoming the visitor and welcoming myself. My heart never left it

You know, I wanted to ask you-maybe this is too simple and boring, but we are passing a time of change in which the Berlin wall came down, in which San Salvador is beginning in peace, in which families can come to visit from Cuba to here, also we are going to have peace in the Middle East Maybe I'm to much of the one to (word lost)-but I want to do effective praying in which this peace in all of us can be extended to every one on this earth. and I want to learn how to transmit that peace that I myself feel fortunate of getting, personally. I want to have this momentum in the world. but sometimes I get very upset, like with the little girl in Plano. (A child murdered) What can you give me, 1-2-3, to those feelings? Or what can I do?

Anastacia: Your question embraces many concepts. The changes you speak of are a result of additional spiritual pressures being applied to the planet combined with evolutionary tendencies. Collective prayers of the entire planet-the appeal so eloquently made by the suffering-is responsible for the engagement of these plans. Michael tells us of his heartstrings being pulled by the need here on Urantia.

The answer to your question likewise embraces many ideas. Staying centered on the Father and trusting his overcare in the face of trauma is the way to keep peace in your soul. Remember when you see tragedies befall your fellows that in the larger picture there will be seen much benefit from the difficulties and struggles. I know that is small comfort to those who are dealing with tragedy, but this is only the first step in an eternal existence and some things take on a different perspective.

Human will will always be a potential for harm, and you can see how great a distance is traversed between the current events you mentioned. On the one hand harm being done, and on the other hand sweeping changes for the betterment of the planet.

Your personal primary responsibility is to experience God in your life as fully as you can, and by your example others will see God also; and in this way you can spread the peace that you have.

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