Arnett Bank

My work is based around the philosophy of art as spiritual practice and I am interested in leaning about and representing the true nature of our reality. Currently I am studying ancient esotericism and mysticism and feel most drawn to the concept of being ‘light & fluid’. It assumes no boundaries of our consciousness, and no limitation to the human form and mind. In other words one is not confined to ones body alone, instead is connected to all that is. This particularly fascinated me, especially seen in the context of our modern day existence.

Focused on the contrasting elements of silence and dynamic, my main aim is thus to capture our human experience by displaying painterly compositions that are characterized by a daring color spectrum, deft boldness, exuberant energy, graceful elegance, and most of all - enormous movement. My ideas particularly come from the esoteric concept of dynamic meditation which is executed when one is in a state of heightened awareness and conscious presence. Here, one is to feel a deep stillness, peace and joy, but simultaneously realizes sensations of intense aliveness, power and radiance.

Influenced by many 20th century Art movements like Abstract - as well as German Expressionism, Post Impressionism, Fauvism and Action Painting - l combined components of distinct modern art styles with contemporary spiritual and visionary art and arrived at a fresh, experimental approach which turned out to be uniquely vibrant and free-flowing. Some of the qualities I have merged in developing my artistic language are for example the color application of Henri Mattise, the action painting characteristics of Jackson Pollock, the sensuality of Egon Schiele, the poetry of Bill Viola and the beautiful intricacy of Alex Grey, whose visual meditations on the nature of consciousness interweave biological anatomy with psychic/spiritual energy.

This process began whilst still studying for my BA (Hons) at Northbrook College Sussex, UK where I created ambiguous body forms engaged in enigmatic actions. They in turn where imbued with aphorisms - bringing about an intriguing, lyrical interplay. By working very intuitively, I attempted to fuse these principles and point to the importance of our inner body awareness. Seen from that perspective, my work sets out to act as a reminder of our true perfection; where the inner reflects the outer and conclusively carries a certain meditative connotation as it suggests a return to harmony, balance and stability within our experience.

Find her work at: Saffron Art Gallery Battle and the Orion Contemporary Gallery.

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