Arron Pyne

Aaron Pyne of Portland, Oregon, is a Visionary Artist, Sacred Graphic/Web Designer, Energy Healer, and Meditation Teacher. Aaron has over 125 Visionary Artworks encompassing all subjects of spirituality, which are available on prints and a variety of products. His works have been on publications around the country. He does visionary graphic design and web design for spiritual and metaphysical practitioners across the United States. 

Aaron’s intention for his visionary artwork is to assist the viewer to see the Divine within him/herself and all of creation. In this time of drastic change, Aaron hopes his art can serve as a visual guide in the evolutionary growth of the individual and the collective to assist in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. He has been receiving these images through meditation and dreams since his childhood. 

The designs are then manifested by using digital photography and the computer. His designs take from 5-25 hours to make. Aaron is also an Energy Healer, trained in many different healing modalities from Reiki to Peruvian Shamanism. He is a meditation teacher, educating on relaxation, chakra work, sacred geometry, connecting with spirit guides and angels, as well as energy healing.

Visit his webpage at to see his art gallery and learn about his services. 

You can also reach him at 513-703-0495 or

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