Jesse Lindsay

Jesse Lindsay is a traveling freelance artist and art teacher, currently living in a shared artist collective, near the Oregon coast.

"My personal work ranges from drawing, painting, music, sculpting, short films, photography and anything else I can get my hands on, the only thing that limits me are free time and resources. Many of my images and concepts are a mixture of psychological elements, aspects of my personality, Ideas, explorations, memories and an illustrated dream diary. All most all of my personal work is rooted in my dreams; I have been referring to it as a type of "Alchemical Surrealism".

My work in the public sphere currently ranges from illustrations, theatrical/film design, tattoos, graphic design, DVD/album and promotional art, as well as many commissioned "personal" projects, for people and groups around the world.

I am fascinated with the laws and limitations of our reality, its nature and how we interact with in it.

I have become obsessive with concepts of human psychology, spirituality, consciousness, ritual social behavior and the occult. I collect antique medical paraphernalia, movies, ancient relics and art work, and anything strange, when I'm not studying or working on something, I spend my time traveling, learning or attempting to sleep."



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