Vivianne Nantel

Vivianne Nantel (Vivi Devi Atmajyotis), this vivacious being, was born in St-Lambert, Province of Quebec, in the suburb of Montreal, Canada. She grew up with a burning desire to help humanity, and make a contribution. At a young age she was naturally fascinated with spirituality, philosophy, curvilinear lines, splashes of colors and words. She also spent many nights wondering about existence, God, the cosmos, and the purpose of being, and seeking the Divine. The very young artist filled countless hours drawing and creating as a child. Her interests also extended to performing arts, and her mother encouraged her to pursue ballet and theatre, which she did for over twelve years. At seventeen years old, she suffered a serious car/van crash in Montreal, which almost put an end to her life and also terminated her emerging profession as a ballerina with Les Ballet Moderne Du Quebec. By the grace of the Divine, a miracle spared her fragile life with no major handicapped. Vivi Devi Atmajyotis then studied Dramatic Art in college, going on to pursue acting and modeling for the following decade. She did a series of TV commercials and prints, which eventually led her to travel to Latin America and the USA. She fell in love with the United States and in 1985 decided to stay, and finally became an American Citizen in 2007. Destined to become an artist, spiritual teacher and a bright light, she emerged in 2001 after graduating Magna cum Laude while receiving a B.F.A. (major in painting & photography) from San Francisco State University with a minor in creative writing in 1999-2000. Nantel has traveled extensively to the United Stated, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, Colombia, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Greece, England, Austria, Indonesia and India to seek, explore, study, and also to visit museums, temples, churches, caves and mosques. - excerpt from a biography on Vivianne's website

"Art is a celebration of the Divine!" - Vivianne Nantel

My work contemplates questions, reflects, and communicates on spiritual, psychological, metaphysical, philosophical and social levels about the human spirit, peace, self-realization, identity and evolution. The work often attempts to demystify reality. Guidance is given to me in vision and contemplation: I sit in silence within my inner cave, let the spirit and the energy flow, creating through me. My greatest inspiration is the Divine, the Yoga tradition, the human spirit, Eastern thought, and the life force, which manifests and permeates this entire creation and nature. I am only a vehicle to express, glorify and worship the wonder, mystery, beauty of oneness and interconnectedness of the universe.

After going through a major, dramatic life experience and epiphany on January 2001, a paradigm shift of consciousness and a deeper spiritual metamorphosis naturally took place within the core of my being. This profound transformation is still unfolding and could immediately be noticed not only in my daily actions and words, but also in my artistic work. My hope is the work will bring about more awareness, self-discovery, thus helping us to expand our consciousness and radiating our light, love and compassion to the entire world and all its inhabitants. Every breath, thought, word, canvas, and action are offered to God. In the act of surrendering everything, even the soul, I find refuge in the eternal One. The work itself is a journey into the realm of the unknown, and yet a rediscovery of the known. - Vivianne's artist statement

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