I know that all of you artisans will be with us in Arkansas. I look forward to sharing your presence. What would you have us tell our brothers and sisters at the conference?

Love is art. And art is love.

Sharing and giving art, created from the heart, is so very, very smart. It's quite a start ....

To sharing love with each and everyone as well. Your finest art will eventually become expressions of love, in all its manifestations and nuances. Radiating love all around you each day is already artful expression. Learn to do it well and you will be blessed with wells of creative inspiration.

Can art truly be practiced even in mundane chores?

The shiny silver fittings of the plumber can be as beautiful as the clean printed pages of a writer, or the smiling face of a bountiful child that you did raise in love. Practice artful ways to walk and speak and parent and share and give and converse. In the way you are, so you are. Learn to begin balancing mind-body-spirit. If you can do it at your level, you have a great head start.

So is art therapeutic? Does it have healing properties?

Catharsis of pain leads to fulfillment of spirit. Express your hurts in art and it faces back at you the materiality of your frustration. And material things hardly matter in the context of your full experience-to-be. Contain and imprison your pain in the art; many do it now. And, in time, with these individual and collective catharses, you will begin to re-fill your inner vessels of emotion and creativity with greater inspirations that lead you to truth, beauty and goodness. Then, your art will become, evolutionary speaking, manifestations of spirit-infused energy that, in turn, bring forth even more and greater energy vibrations from those who appreciate it. Art, even that which you now create, is influential in generating higher levels of spiritual energy upon your sphere, leading to an overall raising of humankind's level of consciousness. Loving energy given is loving energy received. It is the reciprocal circle of truth that energizes the Father's universes. Give to receive. Receive more to give more to receive more.

Of course, positive energy heals, negative energy sickens. Empty your hearts of spirit poisons, reduce them to a prism, disdain it, and fill again your hearts with hope, not despair, faith, not cynicism, love, not indifference, and you will see a positive difference in your art, in your daily lives, in your eternal destiny. A healthier mind means a healthier body and spirit. When you fill your days with the creation of art, even including the creativity with which you lead your every moment, you will have found a path to true spiritual awakening.

And so what would you recommend to the artists at the Arkansas conference?

First, know that you are artists. Each has unique creative abilities. All activities on Urantia can be approached as an artist. Some use their bodies artistically. Some use their minds. The spirit often infuses both. Whether the ballet or basketball or mathematics or horticulture, there are so many ways to create, and when creative expressions are imbued with the spiritual truths you know, then your art takes on higher, more universal meanings.

Live in the moment of love. Your art will reflect this.

Artisans, one or more, have been assigned to each of you. You will help us express the truth, beauty and goodness that your teachers strive to represent. Work with us as you will. In the quiet times, in your mind. Ask and receive.

Some will heal themselves first, and we will help. Others are now ready to show the light of love in their art. Most will heal as they give their art, bring in love as they bring forth love. You are each and all on higher spiritual ground than most and able to connect with creative channels never before experienced on Urantia. We look forward to inspiring your creativity as you reach Godward. We are pleased to be way stations to help with your creative expression.


-- The Urantia Colony

Your celestial artisans are much in cohesion with your teachers in prescribing and instructing for a closer relationship with God. From our perspective, we engage in experiental meditation and spiritual upreach through which you tap into creative patterns that are inspired by celestial truths. Your strongest potentials for creativity are inspired to greater effort, and through them we seek to guide your creative hand to higher purpose.

In your usage of physical materials, colors, senses and ideas, each of you creates uniquely, and all are blessed with the creative gift for it is expressed in many ways. All mortal tasks can be done with creativity, inspiration and guidance, and indeed always have been. Truly all can rise to the level of what we refer to as art. This ability will be enhanced by your enhanced awareness of the passing world day by day, moment by moment, vision by vision, feeling by feeling. Live in the moment. Each moment can be rich in the eyes and minds and hands of the poet. We urge you to ask for a fine and discerning sense of awareness which will give inspiration to your creative thoughts and, in turn, inspire the act itself. Live your very lives as an artistic expression. It will require practice, for nothing of lasting value is gained without effort.

This is done in many ways. Use your voices, your sense of melodies and harmonies, the dramatizations of a good story, the expressiveness of a single scene, captured, immortalized and distilled to the essence of the perception of truth that it offers. All of your senses, your imaginations and wisdom from experience can be used in creating artistic expressions, impressions for your fellows, and satisfying cathartic experience that will serve to expunge, or soak up, spirit poisons that daily threaten to retard your search for truth, beauty and goodness.

How can one fill oneself with the troubling poisons of self-doubt and fear, and sit in languor in the presence of concerted and inspired creative thought? Your creativity is highly encouraged. To fulfill one's mortal purpose, one must tap into the creative talents which have been bestowed. The wise will use those talents in the furtherance of divine truths, not bury them in fear that somehow they will be taken away.

Exercises which we commonly use are visualizations, which help our students picture within that which they would express, and storytelling, in which we tweak your minds to seek and find deeper truths and additional perspectives which aid in your search for spiritual realities.

Our teaching is individualized as are the lessons of your other teachers. We seek not to change the world; we seek to change you, and enhance the creative spark with which the Father has imbued us all.


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