Issue 16

Light and Life Journal: Issue 16 - FALL 2007

Welcome to this new quarterly resurrection of the Light and Life Journal. This will be like a safari journal in our ‘Exploration of the Spiritual Universe.’

As spiritualists get in touch with us regarding their messages and the media derived from them, I will pass along many of them for your exploration. Some of them will resonate with you; others may not. They are nonetheless all part of the spiritual and religious landscape in these amazing times. Maybe we can find the ONEness in all if we keep exploring.

The world is shrinking while it is quickening, thanks to the work of a myriad of movements. Here are some of them that have contacted us recently.

INTEGRAL SPIRIT. The concept being driven by author Ken Wilbur will be explored at the 3rd annual gathering of these spiritual thinkers and teachers on Oct. 31. Explore this arena at and see what the gathering theme of “The Religion of Tomorrow” is all about, no doubt a quest for Oneness beyond limited dogmas.

MACROSHIFT 2001-2010 is a new book about “Creating the Future in the Early 21st Century.” Mountain Books in Aspen Park, CO, recommends this short and incisive read by Ervin Lazlo, published by, with a foreword by Arthur C. Clarke. The “accelerating rhythms of change” are reviewed and the re-shaping of our values, insights and behaviors.

THE DAYS OF GOOD are being promoted for Sept. 9-18 by a love team sited at These folks believe that a critical mass of people focusing “only on good, love, wisdom, truth, peace, understanding, equality, compassion, happiness, beauty, success, abundance, satisfaction, kindness, strong health” can have positive effects on society.

DAYS OF WONDER. Patricia Diane Cota-Robles continues to drive Divine Light at with channeled messages and lightworker networking. On 9-10-07, she reports “an influx of very powerful light from the celestial realms” The number frequencies are right too: “The powerful blessings of 999 will flood the planet on Sept. 18 and Sept. 27 as well.” On her site, she also reports on the 21st annual World Congress of Illumination, held Aug. 11-16.

SINGULARITY SUMMIT. The Singularity Institute of Virtual Intelligence at is holding a conference of major thinkers in the field on Sept. 8-9. The Singularity is “the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence” and encompasses several different technologies, one of them being called artificial intelligence. The critical importance of creating superior intelligences correctly might be the difference in our survival. With a wrong glitch here or there, HAL could take over the ship!

SIRIANS AND QUANTUM AWAKENING. “Seeing with the eyes of faith” is a new article by channeler Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, now located in Tennessee and at He explains the workings of the universe and the amazing changes of our times via the Sirian Council of Light, who note that “we prepare you for storms to come.”

FIRST CENTURY SPIRITUALITY. For those who want to take a break from quickening times, you can check out spiritual manuscripts from the glacially moving 1st century at for Apollonius of Tyana, by Flavius Philostratus. Speculations and intrigue abound about this royally commissioned biographical volume that disappeared from the Roman Empire and resurfaced in the Arab world in the 1500’s. It is the longest biography to survive from ancient times. It is speculated that Apollonius and the apostle Paul were the same person.

At, you can review the first canon of the New Testament from AD 140. The work was embroiled in politics and controversy. Marcion’s first small bible only included about ¾ of Luke and nine epistles of Paul, drawing fire for leaving out others which are now deemed suspicious by scholars. Marcion was accused of taking a razor to the scriptures.

LIGHT TREE. If you enjoy mystical channelings about impending earth changes and awakenings, Mike Quinsey at has a collection which includes St. Germain and other popular Ascended Masters that he calls upon.. Friends see similarities in the messages here and the messages being received in the Magisterial Mission recently, which are displayed at and which support new teams of humans and celestials working consciously together to forge more sustainable and viable civilizations. To read more about these co-creative teams, check the supportive Starbridge Foundation at

ONENESS CELEBRATIONS. A program called ‘30 Days of Peace: A Celebration of Oneness’ is being promoted by several global spiritual groups, including and and You’re invited to join in with many orgs, including the Culture of Peace Initiative, Global New Thought, Gaia Field Project, the World Peace Prayer Society, Earthdance and the global Deeksha community. Google them to explore them. Oneness is all over the spiritual landscape these days, and it’s encouraging to see groups learning to form alliances and work together. Oneness is the guiding principle as well for Its spirit is celebrated every day in the New Heaven, New Earth Community.

MAYANS LOOK TO 2012. New friend Gina Jones has a new novel, “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” at, taking a long look at real Mayan prophecy. Says Gina: “The Mayan Sacred Calendar forecasts the end of a divine cosmic plan for Earth in the year 2012. As time flies faster, amid the global chaos and increasing catastrophic disasters, the ancient Mayan prophecy is nearing completion. Earth is undergoing changes never seen before. To the currently veiled human mind, there is no explanation. Unbeknown to the majority of humans, they are scheduled to transition with Earth into the Fourth Dimension of Consciousness in the next five years. Unfortunately, most are not prepared to make this shift because of the pervasive fears perpetuated by Semyaza, the evil Lord of Darkness. Flying Between Heaven and Earth tells of Archangel Michael’s last effort to help humanity through their remaining tumultuous days on Earth as they shift into a higher dimension.” Sounds like a thriller.

MANDALA BEING. Dr. Richard Moss has been teaching the psychology of consciousness for over 30 years and his new book, “The Mandala of Being; Discovering the Power of Awareness,” shares what he has learned. He encourages readers beyond a view of limitation and fear by using a simple diagram called a Mandala. He’s at

MEDITATION SHARPENS THE MIND according to some leading edge research reported at Finding the article led me to find this outstanding science site which often delves into science-spirituality relationships.

A YEAR TO ENLIGHTENMENT is Raymond Rock’s new book, 365 days of Buddhist patterned meditation experiences designed to awaken and blend one’s intuition, insight and inner knowledge and “to reach that state sought after by mystics and seekers through the ages … Spiritual Enlightenment.” See it at

THE BRINK OF CONTACT. Sheldan Nidle continues to publish reports re the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation, both involved in bringing about human contact with extraterrestrials. His Planetary Activation Organization is here to help, and Sheldan has books on the market re his longtime cosmic associations. An enlightened and  comprehensive new ET caretaker global government with a new monetary system is getting close to arrival, and it will be announced when a host of spaceships land. Nidle’s prolific narratives can be read at

PATO BANTON, whose reggae music and Urantia Book ministry is always on the road, will be playing California dates most of September. We are featuring a video of a Jerusalem gathering at and you can get much more at, including his schedule, and also read about his UB connections at

RABBI MICHAEL LERNER continues to be a world champion for spiritual altruism. His Network of Spiritual Progressives has just published a powerful and inspiring bedtime meditation/prayer of forgiveness at

IN DUTCH WITH JESUS. Divinity of Mankind is a new book from the Dutch couple Gabriela and Reint Gaastra-Levin, taken from her channelings of Jesus, his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, and offered at These messages can be surprising, intriguing and thought-provoking, and not in harmony with what many churches purport. Here’s a channeled quote: “Letting go of the need to be unique is the first step towards freedom. The need to be unique isolates you, removing this need puts you in touch with each other and with creation in its entirety. In first instance, incarnation leads to isolation; unification is the way back to the Divine. You are somewhere in the middle of this process.”

THE JOYS OF LIVE ALCHEMY is a new and seventh book by multi-millionaire businessman turned author/life advisor Michael Levy at His five alchemy principles to succeed in business are: 1) Enjoy yourself. 2) Become a giver, not a taker. 3) Overcome adversity 4) Stay debt-free and 5) Enjoy endurance. Surely, life can be fun for multi-millionaires. Go Mike!

TED STEPS OUT. TED, known for its invitation-only summit of the world’s brightest minds, has unveiled a new state of the art website at Features include over 100 full-length TED talks, a sophisticated video player, plus talk summaries and biographies. Thanks to the internet, the best thoughts of the brightest minds in the world can be gathered and studied.

Okay. Thanks for exploring the spiritual universe with us again. Here’s a good humor closing lyrical

Love and Light,

Jim Cleveland



Well, I read a book by a preacher man about a purpose-driven life
And I read a guru who had a plan to get above all our strife
Then here’s a channeling mystic princess who sees a new awakening
And a virulent internet bible church that feels the whole world quaking.

I read where aroma and color and focus will bring a clarity of vision
Some say we can meld with celestial swells in some kind of cosmic emission.
There’s a photon belt, and if we are svelte, we can get through without any attrition. 
And then if we’ll tune our senses each day, there will come a revelatory commission.

I read where apartheid has hit the middle east, spiritual energies are in remission
But concentrated prayer and meditation and thoughts will make some psychic corrections
I hear that we are just like we think that we are, and we always get our intentions
And if we could use more than 1 percent of our brain, we could really fill some petitions.

I read there’s a one hundredth monkey who’s key to washing potatoes and minds
I hear energies are quickening but the planet is sickening, and some will be left behind
But spaceships are here, ET’s aren’t to fear. They’re here to help with evacuation
Luminaries will be board, they’ll welcome the hoard of scared souls leaving on vacation.

I read about the joys of drumming and dowsing and the days of astrological action.
About casting spells, chanting mantras and truth bells, all to get some spiritual traction
I read Chopra and Weil, and Williamson and Walsch, Urantia, and A Course in Miracles.
I think they’re all right, none of them up-tight and all showing the right empiricals.

I read about angels, everywhere serving, and ghosts that slip just in our view
In spiritual places, hauntingly rated, a specter that looks like Aunt Lou!
I hear spirits are materializing, decimination talk rising, many getting heavenly clues
To prophesy the future, no matter it be neutered by what God keeps outside our purview.

I’ve read and heard so much, wisdom and nonesuch, that I don’t really know what I know.
I just know that I grow, albeit be slow, when I just keep the row under the hoe.
I’ll just keep reading and thinking and blinking when something doesn’t seem like it should.
Know I don’t really know but will explore as I go, then I’ll have done the best that I could.

Hey! Let’s all do that and love one another.

© Light and 2012