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Light and Life Journal: Issue #15

Featuring 38 pages of celestial transmissions from the Teaching Mission groups, all in '04 and '05. Teachers include Machiventa, Nebadonia, Zarath, Abraham, Mary Magdalene, Elyon, JarEL, Monjoronson, Ham, Rayson, Aaron, Christ Michael, Tomas, AhmaNiden, the Mentor Team and Mantutia, plus the Celestial Artisans.

Light and Life Journal: Issue #14

Light and Life Journal: Issue #13

Light and Life Journal: Issue #12: 2003

118 pages of powerfully connected, spiritually laced narratives. Jim Cleveland seeks sense from a mincemeat of ministries to set the stage for empowered writers like Raff Ellis, Patrick Miller, Daniel Megow, Jacques Lecourturier, Donna D'Ingillo, James H. Young, Ron Faulk, Steffani Murray, Frederic and Mary Brussat, Jane Lampman, Rob Crickett, Anara Solray, Peter Steinfels, Josie Ravenwing, Maria and David LeBaron, Keitan, Bob Devine, and Dexter Graphic, plus Tarkas, Malvantra Melchizedek, Veronica, Elisha and other celestials, including the complete transcripts of the Teaching Mission at the Urantia international conference in 2002. Issue explores such subjects as Panetheism today, the New Buddhism, Pentecostals, the Urantian Jesus, church controlled communities, thought streams in our conscious control, Abraham's legacy, soul healing, and dying as a spiritual transformation.

Light and Life Journal: Issue #11: Winter 2000

A major exploration of "Planetary Helpers," including the 11.11 Platoon and the Interspecies Alliance with George Barnard in Australia; crop circles; the unveiling of the etheric records with the Pleaidian light energies, sleep state programming with Kirael, 7 chakras and 7 adjutant mind spirits by Gerdean; the starchild skull mystery; origin and aftermath of the Roswell UFOs, reflectivity amid turmoil with Asoka Selvarajah, transforming anger, remote viewing with Courtney Brown, Urantia's Universal Father, the Za Ma Ta Pak, anger among angels, remembrances of Seth, working effectively with spirit guides by Norma Gentile, angels in the emergency room with Dr. Michael Abrams, the infinite spirit ministry, LoHoChi energies with Elizabeth Chandler, Jesus the man, sonship with God, deep mind contact and a crash course in A Course in Miracles.

Light and Life Journal: Issue #10: Summer 2000

This issue explores various manifestations of a Planetary Correcting Time. Includes Bishop John Spong calling for a religious reformation; Kirael on the Great Light Shift opportunity; Archangel Metatron on our triggers of light inside; Donna Painter on transforming ego to spirit, celestial teacher Serena on healing by have-lessness and integration; a Pleiadian Light Body DNA program update with Gill Patterson; Jesusonian Christianity with Daniel Raphael; the Bridge to I AM with the Spiritual Hierarchy; A Pulse on the Times with Valerie Donner; visualizing healing images with Cynthia Taylor; Putting God first for a change, with Jim Cleveland, the Urantia Papers on the Lucifer Rebellion, and more than a dozen more pages of celestial transmissions from Machiventa Melchizedek, Ham, Tarkas, Olfana, Andrew, Jessona, Merium and others.   

Light and Life Journal: Issue #9: Spring 2000

Our theme is “Relationships” of many kinds. Gerdean on the example of Urantia's Temple of Urmia; Fred Harris on a conspiracy of kindnesses; Tomas on unfailing goodness; Valerie Donner on Real-ationships, Angus Bowen on Cosmic Connections; Donna Painter on the Stillness; the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation on the cancellation of apocalypse; Kryon deals with the issue at the UN; Nancy M. Brown on femininity and the planet’s resurrection; celestial teacher Ham at the international Urantia conference; planetary news on concerns of the Pope and the Dalai Lama; Barbara Wolf covers the world with Global Meditations; celestial teacher Kirael on the light body shift of May 5; Joshua David Stone on developing a full relationship with God; Daniel Raphael on sacred parenting; a collection of celestial transmissions, and more.

Light and Life Journal: Issue #8: Winter 1999

A “Celestial Contact at 2000” theme explores various spiritual movements claiming contact with celestial realms. Includes views from the Urantia Papers, the Ascended Masters, The Ashtar Command, Unixitron, the Pleaidians, the Teaching Mission, the Lightworkers, and the Galactic Federation. Al Wolf recounts a profound, personal encounter with divine power. Rene Mueller’s SpiritWeb connects human seekers throughout the world with exploratory spiritual paths. Angus Bowen discusses the meaning of cosmic citizenship. Gerdean writes about the history and plausibility of celestial contact. Gorman introduces us to the Midwayers, our inter-dimensional neighbors, with a commentary on the language of divine love.  

Light and Life Journal: Issue #7: Summer 1999

A history of the TeaM from its New Zealand roots into its Woods Cross, Utah incarnation and other early locations, celestial teacher Ham's official TeaM announcement in Los Angeles, and events going forward. Human contributors include Calvin McKee, Rebecca Bynum, John Roper, Bill Kelly, Thea Hardy, Rick Giles, Donna Currier-Brown, Eugenia Bryan, Fred Harris, Bob Devine, Jim Cleveland, Gerdean, Delores Dinsmore, Susan Kimsey, Stephanie Buchler, Bob Slagle, Angus Bowen and Ida Young. Celestial transmitters include Abraham, Machiventa Melchizedek, Ham, Tarkas, Elca, Olfana, Tomas, Daniel, Seraptatia and a Seraphic Complement, Aaron, Alkon, Will and Christ Michael.

Light and Life Journal: Issue #6: Winter 1998

Themed, "Jesus: Beyond the Scriptures," and includes essays on both the message and the man from the perspective of the Urantia Papers, and with recent celestial transmissions from Christ Michael of Nebadon, whose incarnation as Jesus successfully ended the Lucifer Rebellion and earned his right to rule the local universe. Also in this issue: Teaching Mission lessons from around the US; Bill Kelly on the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man; Lightworker messages on Kosovo from Princess Diana; essays on the Power of Stillness and the Weakness of Evil; Common Sense and Civil Disobedience by Charlton Heston; Ron Besser on variations of God the Supreme; Albert Einstein's view of the world; Georgia state politician Mitchell Kaye's Bill of No Rights; and the Church Within explores new tools for spiritual contentment. 

Light and Life Journal: Issue #5: Autumn 1998

Lessons from the celestials in the Teaching Mission, following themes of ascension, transformation and perfection, and including Abraham and Christ Michael. Essayists work on reconciling reincarnation with the Urantia teachings, including a first-hand account of study with Buddhist Monks by Robert Crickett. Nancy Johnson comprehensively explores the mystery of the chick and shell on Urantia to find the error so great the celestials couldn't tell us about it. Ron Faulk explores stepping stones to God; The Church Within asks and tells us where God is when we really need him; Steve Tiller finds a rose in the snow; E.J. Light explains why we're not separate but one; and a collection of Celestial Surfers share their minds. 

Light and Life Journal: Issue #4: Summer 1998

Essays on the pervasiveness of spirit, the Stillness practice as understood by A Course in Miracles, reconciling the impatience of Eve and the call for spiritual action, tolerance and intolerance, demons and doomsdays, truth and fact differences, non-violence and non-resistance, the Bread of Life, and the peace and conflict left by Jesus. Plus -- Pentecostal power in Florida, the benefits of struggle in our lives, the Celestine explanation, Rumi and the Mystery Monitor, the unlimitedness of spiritual growth and a selection of readings and celestial lessons about love energies. Also, more transmitted lessons from the Teaching Mission, including messages from Christ Michael, the Melchizedeks, and Abraham, now expounding in Woods Cross, Utah.


Light and Life Journal: Issue #3: Spring 1998

Poignant essays and celestial transmissions on capital punishment and spirituality, planetary changes, racial harmony, mercy and judgment, the gender and disposition of God, harmony and contactual tones, the paradoxical nature of light and God, the Arcane School of Alice Bailey, the Baha'i faith and Christ, a holiday message from God (?), apocalyptic uncoverings, and the story of George Washington's encounter with angels at Valley Forge.

Light and Life Journal: Issue #2: Winter 1997

Writers take on how the ideas of Paul held sway over Abner's in the early days of Christianity. There's a blow-by-blow battle over copyrighting the Urantia revelation from a Colorado court; lessons from the celestial teachers; essays on energy, medicine and alchemy; thoughts on the evolution of God; the possible founding a Urantia Book-based religion, holistic health basics; some deeper realities of happiness; an understanding of patience; The Church Within on life's motivations, and some ideas on just exactly when that new millennium really begins. Also "Escape from Sedona" with Snake Pleskin taking on the New Age capital. Plus verse and inspirationals. 58 pages in all.


Light and Life Journal: Issue #1: Autumn of 1997

More than 20 contributing writers deal with such subjects as Planetary Light and Life, the United Religions Conference, the Association of Light and Life, cannabis as a sacrament, combining infinity and finity in world religions, conquering fear with inner guidance, the stillness, fear and fundamentalism, genetics and technophobia, the planet evacuation scenario, self-healing meditation. We also feature lessons from celestial teachers, the Church Within, Mother Teresa's visions and the amazing Padgett Papers of 1914 with messages from Jesus and Judas. Plus poetry, inspirationals, humor, provocative email and more.

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