The Magisterial Mission World Portal is an interactive, searchable library and archive of more than a quarter-century of personal spiritual growth lessons from celestial teachers. Like the Teaching Mission, this Portal is about teaching and learning true spiritual values. As we grow, it will grow.


These recorded transmissions come from an array of celestial teachers who have taught humans foundational spiritual lessons over these many years, primarily through Urantia Book study groups. They include Christ Michael, who incarnated on our planet as Jesus, in a supreme display of empathy and love. We also hear lessons from Machiventa and other Melchizedeks, as well as the biblical Abraham, who continues in service today.  Many of our teachers are former mortals who are ascending on the human evolutionary path.








This Melchizedek curriculum focuses on individual growth via connection to the Spirits within, with such foundational topics as faith, worship, prayer, forgiveness, service, altruistic love, personality, defenselessness, and the building of caring communities. Over time, we have come to understand the elements of a universe education plan that encompasses all mortal children of the Universal Father.


Our collection is searchable by topic and teacher and includes a comprehensive index to primary transcripts and secondary collections, books and periodicals.

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