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DATE:   June 6, 2005




TOPIC:  Personal Note — Midwayers













Q: I have read in The Urantia Book that the rebellion of Lucifer isolated the (rebellious) worlds of Satania, including Urantia. Is this new opening of (communications) a part of the re-encircuiting of Urantia into the spiritual fullness of the Universe of Nebadon?

A: Yes. This is the end of isolation. (07/15/91)

* * * 


[In referring to the Urantia Book RAYSON said:]

Our mission is not opposed to the revelation. Rest assured it is part of the revelation. The FATHER did not only approve of truth in a book. The book was sent to prepare the first wave of workers in the kingdom. Your world is an illiterate world. It is a world divided like the tower of Babel, by languages and races. Why, ask yourself, would the unseen Father send only a book? Our truth, enlightenment, membership in the Kingdom, is for all mortals, regardless of intellectual abilities. The book was sent to prepare the first wave of workers. The first wave of workers, yourselves, will take the word to the world through the gift of Prince MELCHIZEDEK's teachers. As the world becomes more enlightened, more people will accept the book. (10/25/91)

* * * 

[At the first formal meeting of his group the following was recorded]

Q: ... (RE: Prince MELCHIZEDEK) I'd like to know about when he took over as Planetary Prince, and what happened to the Lucifer rebellion, and to Caligastia. 

A: Just a moment. 

MELCHIZEDEK: This is Prince MACHIVENTA. You all know the history of the nefarious rebels who took control of this planet. In 1984 the Mercy Bank was rejected by Caligastia and Daligastia. They refused to repent. They are no longer. 

Caligastia was such a bitter being that he left behind this virus (AIDS) and other illnesses which he, being of such a brilliant mind, designed. He would never give us the access so that we may effect some physical cure. He said: “If I cannot be Prince of Urantia then I will take the planet with me into the blackness.” 

But God's will is not for that to happen. This planet is a protected place as it is the birth planet of the human-divine Jesus. It will take us some time. We are approximating a thousand to two thousand years, to erase the evil that this insane being left behind as your legacy. But we will erase it, and your planet will be a beacon to all other ascendant mortals. 

God's will is never hurtful or harmful to His little children. It is the will of the Father to heal his little ones, and many are being used to do so. 

We look in awe at the agondonters on Urantia. You are truly God's children. To build and maintain faith and God consciousness in the midst of such darkness is commendable. 

I have taken over by order of my God, MICHAEL of Nebadon. This occurred when those two evil beings ceased to be. I am, and have been, officially ushered in as your Planetary Prince. We have a lot of work to do, but do not cast eyes downward. Cast eyes upward for the glory that will befall this planet. These are wondrous years. 

I leave, now, to go - to attend the group at Woods Cross, and bid you Godspeed. (12/01/91) 


* * *

[On New Years Morning (very early), 1992, RAYSON and PRINCE MELCHIZEDEK turned up at a New Year's Eve party.] 

My children I AM PRINCE MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, official Planetary Prince of Urantia and formal spokesperson for our creator-father, MICHAEL of Nebadon. I am proud of you for your celebration and for bringing our creator-father into your hearts. The down-grasp of God, the upreach of man, is indeed a beautiful and miraculous thing to behold. As I have met MICHAEL on high, I am still moved ... 

(Interruption of communications by dog and untimely entry of other members of the group.) 

Greetings, (S), I AM RAYSON, and you will hear my message on the recording device. I will not keep MACHIVENTA waiting, so I turn the transmission over to our revered and esteemed Planetary Prince. 

MELCHIZEDEK: Praise to the Lord, I am Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, Prince of Urantia, agent of our creator-son MICHAEL of Nebadon whom we worship and love. Greetings, children of time, I am pleased to formally inaugurate you into the teaching mission of which I have the assignment, responsibility, and honor to lead during the thousand year correcting time as we adjudicate all effects of the rebellion of the nefarious Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia, Daligastia, rebellious Midwayers, and others who entered into this evil plot of self liberty and denial of the authority and creation of The FATHER. 

The correcting time will be an age of wonder and miraculous events to the human mind and soul. To us it is a great opportunity to make right what has been made wrong and dark. In addition, our planet is reencircuited and much will happen in your lifetime to affirm to your spiritual eyes the coming age of spiritual enlightenment and the eventual transfusion of God back into mankind. We welcome this opportunity to serve in such a wonderful mission. 

You will receive teachings from my beloved brother, RAYSON, which will prepare you for your group mission and individual assignments, which will be based upon your personal strength and faith in yourselves and The FATHER. First, the lessons will continue for a period of one to two earth years. If (T/R) is unable to complete her task due to her mortal birth into the Mansion Worlds, I will ask you, (S), if you will accept the assignment of acting as the transmitter-receiver for teacher RAYSON. If you accept the match of your mind's energy frequencies will begin in preparation for this contingency. Do you need time to pray or do you have an answer? 

[Here follows the assignment of tasks within the group. All are formally accepted.] 

I am pleased at your service-mindedness and faith in the revelation. We envision many groups being taught. As one group is graduated, the teachers will move on to another human social group, and thus transform individuals, create a transformed planet. 

I welcome you to my mission, which is now your own. We share the same path, the same Father created us, loves us, and some day – children - we will meet on high with the Universal Father and move onward to the outer space levels where this experience will vastly aid in your assignment when you become a finaliter. (T/R) is not attuned to my frequencies, so my messages to you are foreshortened, however, I am involved in the supervision and overseeing of every aspect of your growth development teaching. We carefully monitor everything as, unfortunately, many mistakes have occurred and we do not wish to see your planet involved in further retrograde actions. We have studied long and hard to insure the success of the winning of Urantia to the side of Good and God and Light; and we will not fail this time! 

My love and prayers and watch-care are with you. I send you the personal greetings of MICHAEL of Nebadon, who was here with you tonight. He loves his children dearly and well and knows your soul and potential. His prayers and love are with you now and always. God bless you and keep you my children. Until another time I bid you farewell. (01/01/92) 


* * *

[On January 13, 1992, RAYSON talked to a small group in Northern California where the following was recorded.] 

Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is now the official Prince of Urantia and has arrived on his teaching mission and formal reign as Planetary Prince with one hundred beings who will act as teachers to the mortals of this planet, fifty female, fifty male beings. Contact will be made with mortals whose minds were prepared ahead of time - studied ahead of time in a similar fashion to (T/R). Teachers will spend a year to two years approximately, earth time, teaching a small group of believing faith-filled mortals. When the group is ready to go out into the world, the teacher will be assigned to another group of ready souls. Assignments will be given to the mortals who have graduated from the teaching program. I am not at liberty to disclose these assignments at this time. We function thusly, Prince MELCHIZEDEK to ABRAHAM to brother HAM who is the head teacher. 

We hope to achieve in the next thousand years of the correcting time a spiritual up-step, using transformed individuals to ultimately transform this world. We are a continuation of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. We are not a separate bestowal, but this phase of the revelation was planned from the beginning. However it was decided not to reveal this to the original contact personalities because of the danger that would place the revelation in - over emotionalism, non-belief, dismissal. The book had to stand and root on its own. 

Now we proceed to take the humans who are ready and activate them out into the world. We will contact on a world-wide basis readers and non-readers alike. We begin mostly with readers as there is less groundwork to lay. 

Q: (About the validity of other channels such as Ramptha, Lazarus, etc., how to tell, and how long have you been on Urantia.) 

A: All false. Only legitimate channeling coming through our mission is the group in New Zealand, Utah (Los Angeles Area), Idaho, and Florida at this time. There will be more. 

How to tell? There will be a network amongst the true transmissions. For yourself judge the spiritual content, use your Spirit of Truth. And (S), truth may be gathered like a bee from flower to flower from sources, which are human inspired. Celestial or non-corporeal beings do not have a monopoly on spiritual insight. So whether a transmission is from us or is from the human higher mind is really just a speculation, which humans and we like to engage in, to speculate about what could be. The message, is spiritual, will illuminate. 

As to how long we have been here, we have been here since 1984, not all, but MACHIVENTA arrived as the rebellion was adjudicated. As you know, none of the evil ones exist. He was not formally installed Prince of Urantia until October of last year, '91. And the mission is officially under way. (01/13/92) 


* * *

[On February 1st, 1992, during a recess in the meeting of the General Council of the FELLOWSHIP, before an audience of about 150 people at the LAX Holiday Inn, teacher HAM formally announced to the world the recent changes in planetary government in the following language:] 

The light of God surrounds us, 

The love of God enfolds us, 

The power of God protects us, 

and The presence of God watches over us. 

Wherever we are, He is. 

My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I AM HAM. I have been commissioned to bring the light of truth and the understanding of our Father to Urantia. 

I am one of many teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many teachers among you. Great is our mission. Understand this in your hearts. The time has arrived for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves. No, indeed. Rather, only in service of MICHAEL. 

This day is, marks the beginning of, the correcting time. MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has arrived, and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia, an assignment he has accepted from MICHAEL. Long years we have waited this day. The Lucifer rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits, which have isolated your world, are being reopened. All these changes are occurring by and in accordance with the plan of MICHAEL. 

Happy and joyous is this day! Blessed in the sight of our Lord! Gracious listeners, I bid you welcome to change. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince MACHIVENTA on this day. Questions are welcome. Indeed, happy am I to serve you. (02/01/92) 


* * *

[Some General Councillors deliberately stayed away from the meeting. There was a feeling of disappointment and sadness among students of HAM and RAYSON about their absence from such a momentous event and about the treatment of teacher HAM by some present who should have known better. The next day RAYSON said:] 

RAYSON: Children, on a purely human level there is disappointment and confusion in some of your minds. However, let me broaden your perceptions. Human beings are unpredictable. They react from centers of emotion - primitive fear, defiance, resistance to change and growth, inaction, anger, ego-guarding positions of power and misguided impulses to protect …..It is not our responsibility to control, predict their reception of this truth. It was our responsibility to present the truth of the second stage of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to the official guardians of the first stage. We have done our job and done well. Most especially the teaching group from Utah have stood shining and bright in front of much scorn, but have not lost their loving hearts and minds. 

Throughout history men have had the irrational need to malign the good, beautiful, truthful in others. How sad to see some of these same reactions in the presence of the Planetary Prince. But not so surprising when one considers what this species did to our beloved Creator Son when he sojourned here in the flesh. Lucifer himself was shamed by the actions of these mortals. I am not comparing this to the crucifixion of our Master, no. But I am comparing some of the irrational actions that continue to infest your race when presented with higher truth. What the mind cannot absorb, the animal attacks. How shall we deal with these reactions? Brothers and sisters, the power of our commission, The FATHER, and our Creator Father MICHAEL wish to give you other tools to enhance your own spiritual growth. The brighter you shine, the closer you live to God's truth, the more other humans will want what you possess. 

Therefore, let us ignore the negative; let us not give energy to the unreal. In your own heart-mind you know what is true. The Spirit of truth is there for all. Search for this Spirit and he will show the way. You know this already and are true faith-filled sons and daughters of the universe. Do not waste energy with non-believers, attackers. Rather, spend your time on those who hunger for guidance - and there will be many. Let us not have heavy hearts. 

Let me assure you, and share with you the wonderful celebration which we celestial beings participated in last night: the celebration of the public awareness of the reign of our Acting Planetary Prince. And children, what a Prince this MELCHIZEDEK is! How many planets have as their planetary prince a being of such immense love, wisdom, and light as our beloved MACHIVENTA, a being, who has intimately lived, studied, and loved this planet and its humans for such a long time? Indeed, a teacher who has actually incarnated as one of you. How blessed this planet is to have this special watch-care of MICHAEL and such a wonderfully experienced planetary prince. 

I bring you commendations from Prince MACHIVENTA. I bring you his love. I bring you his prayers. And above all, I bring you his promise that this mission will not fail. Someday, my children, your names will be sung on the lips of angels even as were the names of Van and Amadon. This we promise you. Human suffering is temporal, spiritual growth eternal. You have all grown and will continue to grow. With God, my children, nothing - absolutely nothing - is impossible. Be of good cheer. See through the eyes of the spirit and you will behold greater miracles. God bless you all, and farewell. (02/02/92) 


* * *

[On February 9, 1992, RAYSON said to his students] 

Before our lesson I would like to convey my feelings of admiration for your human hearts and minds who so genuinely seek The FATHER's will and so respect the sanctity of this mission that you concern yourselves with things which are sometimes beyond your wisdom. I have listened to your discussion and am honored to be associated with such a high-minded group. (T/R) is slightly resentful of analysis, but she will in time come to accept this human curiosity as part of her destiny. The fruits, growth, morontial sight which will steadily increase due to these teachings and our associations will more than compensate for human hurts, flaws, insecurities that might be felt along the path. 

In the near future it will matter not what others think, feel, say, as you all will make such spiritual growth-progress that this will appear as merely an annoyance or shadow of reality - which indeed it is. God reaches His children through many means. You are fortunate to have the ears to hear directly. You will feel tolerance and compassion for those brothers and sisters who, invited to the wedding, refused to attend. God will not discontinue knocking at their hearts and minds and souls, and will reach these children through other means. Indeed, they are already assured survival by their faith. But it is a privilege, brothers and sisters, to directly interface with the Prince's staff. And for this each of you should feel a sense of great accomplishment and privilege, for you are among the first humans to be trained and sent out into the world with our teachings and blessings. This is no small accomplishment. Your faith has earned you this place. Your openness has given your spiritual eyes sight and ears hearing. Your hearts are greatly blessed and your soul growth increased through this association. This is not because I am a great teacher or ascender. No. It is because your agondonter faith is so strong. I commend you, and great will be your soul's reward as well as earthly benefits. This I assure you of, children. You will not only earn a place in heaven, but your place on this planet will be greatly improved in all areas of your earthly life. Even the material. This is not a reward, but it is a direct result of spiritual knowledge and growth. It is true, to him who believes in me God said “all things are possible.” ALL things, brothers and sisters, not just the large. ALL things. Take this in, children. The quality of your lives will increase. God will direct your step. And things will become easy. You will have spiritual lessons. No one can avoid the waters of despair, disappointment, doubt, fear, envy, jealousy, anger, these are inevitabilities, children. But your lives will increase in the good fruits of the spirit. This is a promise. 

[After the formal lesson, the third lesson on Thought Adjusters, the following Q's & A's occurred] 

Q: Are the repercussions that occur from people speaking against our group ultimately helpful to the group, or are they damaging? 

A: There can be no damage from this except to the individuals who engage in this discussion, depending upon their motivation. Some are sincere and concerned. Some are merely engaging in what you refer to as idle chat or gossip. Some are threatened, and they themselves do not understand why, by the teaching mission. They grope for - they grope to fill in the reason for their unease, fear, and so invent rational objections. They themselves do not understand their own resistance. Nor do they have to participate beliefs. This is something that will be with you humans, these reactions, until Light and Life. 

Q: Teacher RAYSON, What was the significance of the meeting with Teacher HAM in Los Angeles? What was really meant? Was this the formal announcement to this planet that teacher MELCHIZEDEK - I mean that Prince MELCHIZEDEK - has taken over as Planetary Prince? Was that the significance of this meeting? 

A: Yes, it was. It was called to be announced to those who would understand its import. What better group to announce this to? Most humans have no awareness of the office of Planetary Prince or that there is a celestial government in place. So this was our formal announcement to those who understand what we were talking about. 

Q: Then we were participants in a very momentous event, when this happened. Only once, I presume, on a planet. 

A: Yes. 

Q: Was that the day MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK began serving? Or was that the announcement. 

A: That was the public and formal announcement. MACHIVENTA was celestially inaugurated in October of 1991, and has been present for the most part on the planet since 1984. (02/09/92) 


* * *

* * *

Q: I have a question, which has to do with planetary government. Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is Planetary Prince. When Caligastia was Planetary Prince he had a deputy of the same order by the name of Daligastia. I'm just wondering if Prince MACHIVENTA has an assistant Planetary Prince. 

A: He does. But I am not sure if I am permitted reveal this being to you. (02/22/92) 


* * *

[On April 4,1992, RAYSON confirmed the coming of two MELCHIZEDEKs to the planet announced by the Sarasota group (See entry of 04/04/92 under ABOUT TEACHER RAYSON, above) the following questions and answers transpired.] 

Q: The two additional MELCHIZEDEKs which are coming, are they to be involved in the teaching mission, or do they have other missions besides the teaching? How will they impact on our group? 

A: They will have other additional missions, both. Prince MELCHIZEDEK is indisputably in charge of this teaching mission as he is of the entire spiritual government and goings on on Urantia. These two MELCHIZEDEKs are subordinate to Prince MACHIVENTA and will be involved as he sees fit in the teaching mission and in other areas which I am only partially allowed to disclose to you. The planet right now is undergoing a huge and quite possibly devastating regressive backward-sliding economic upheaval. This is but the beginning of much change globally. These MELCHIZEDEKs will be working in many other world areas to stabilize the effects of collapse and starvation, mitigate and work with world government, some of whom will be activated, the human reservists, highly placed figures, to offset the economic conditions which cause people to fear and respond with warlike behavior. (04/04/92) 


* * *

[For several weeks, due to summer vacations and Urantia conferences, the group did not meet. When it reassembled on July 26, 1992, the meeting was opened as follows.] 

Greetings, spiritual family. I am RAYSON. I am your teacher. I have greatly missed our sessions, and truly love each one of you. Some who are more attuned might have felt my visits over these few months. I have not left you unattended. 

The teaching staff have learned a great deal during the time of rest. First, the human faith is strong, but applied faith tends to slip away in day to day pressures and stresses of life. It has occurred to greater and lesser degrees in each of our spiritual family, and has been inconsistent in each individual. We thank The FATHER for this time of learning from Him, for we have realized that perhaps we started on too mindally high a level, and we are grateful to learn from our mistakes. So we have been busy rewriting and revising the syllabus. 

At our core of caring is your spiritual growth. Secondary is to turn out wonderful truth-teachers and living spiritual brothers and sisters, beacons of light and love to draw others to God. You are really already that, but you can become even more so. And this we wish to help you with. This is not a criticism for you truly, children, are the light on this planet. There are many others like yourselves, but you are my flock and I am proud of each of you and love each of you, ceaselessly. 

It is hard to fully understand the human existence, so we make errors. But this is a great adventure for all sides, non-corporeal and material beings alike, reaching across time and space, holding hands spiritually in a great quest for spiritual advancement. We all advance through this teamwork, this wonderful blessing and miracle that MICHAEL, acting for our Universal Father, has permitted to occur here on this special planet, blessed and distressed by so much evolutionary anomaly. Another chapter in the unwritten book of growth, no one having a model for the outcome, guessing, rethinking, living, giving to the Supreme the most rare of experiences: a cooperative effort between worlds, between spirits, between ascenders. 

For us it is so exciting! We are so conscientious to make the best effort as we are aware of mistakes in the past and the repercussions in your own lives. We wish no harm to come to you or your friends. Enough hurt has been left in the legacy of Caligastia, to last many, many lifetimes. We wish to be the correctors. We wish to offer our experience and love and inspiration to you humans who have such a difficult walk in the flesh. Even the Master, Himself, had times of great distress. The human form is incapable of unlimited perception, and thus seen on the smallest fragment of reality, is easily discouraged and pushed into despair, isolation, anger, loneliness. 

But be not anxious, for great tools are yours. Great love is yours. Our Master-Creator, MICHAEL of Nebadon, personally looks after Urantia. He loves all His creatures but you are especially beloved by this great Creator. His mercy extends to every being but His mercy is especially tender towards you. MICHAEL is wise, patient, loving, good, beautiful, truthful and the way to The FATHER. He will never fail you no matter how many times, humans, you may fail yourself. Faltering on the path is part of Growth. 

And now we will put this period to good constructive use, the clay to mold the art from. And together we will create goodness. Together we will create a glory to MICHAEL. We will rededicate our wills to this purpose: to doing and discerning the will of the Universal Father, to loving and worshiping God, to reflecting God's love in our daily lives, to serving our fellows with more love and understanding, and to serving ourselves with self-love, forgiveness, acceptance of our flaws, and a true strong spiritual attitude that we are children of the most benevolent, merciful, and loving God - MICHAEL of Nebadon - and his partner, the Universal Mother Spirit. 

This can only inspire faith and acts based on spiritual poise. We will not allow defeat, disappointment, to cause negativity. Rather they will spur us onward to make spiritual war for the good. We will not allow our victories to feed our egos, children. Rather we will handle our victories with poise as befits a pilgrim of time and space. This is spiritual soldiering. This is total centeredness as Jesus lived it here. (07/26/92) 


* * *

[On August 9,1992, RAYON admonished his class in the following language:] 

And you are admonished to keep perspective, for the primary purpose of our meeting is spiritual growth, greater understanding in terms of living of the teachings of The Urantia Book and Jesus, and the evangelism and transformation, spiritualization, of this world. That is our mission. It is not to provide you with special vision, advice, insight, or personal guidance other than the spiritual. (08/09/92) 


* * *

[Shortly before MICHAEL’S birthday, Friday, August 21st 1992, the following was recorded:] 

Q: I look upon Friday night as a field trip for the class of “the students of Rayson.” You told us last time that we needed to adopt a proper perspective before we can receive the maximum benefit from Friday night, and I have put together a two-page written document taken from your lessons having to do with that perspective. I wonder if you could review the document in my mind and indicate whether or not it is proper to pass this paper around, or whether or not it is superfluous. 

A: One moment. (short pause) I am pleased with your effort toward maximizing the benefit of the remembrance supper on Friday night. I would add one thing, only. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE EXPERIENCE OF MICHAEL'S PRESENCE. (08/16/92) 


* * *

[At the meeting on August 21 messages were received from the following ascendant mortals and celestial personalities: GABRIEL of Salvington, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, ABRAHAM, HAM, RAYSON, BERTRAND, and SIGNA. They were not recorded. There may have been a message from MICHAEL, Himself. See the quotations from the September 20th meeting, below.] 


* * *

[There followed a period of about a month during which the group met but there were no messages as there were no T/Rs available. In mid-September RAYSON asked a neighboring T/R to act as T/R for his group. On September 20, 1992, the group met with the visiting T/R and the following is a partial record of that meeting.]

I am RAYSON. I am your teacher. It is most pleasing to me to see your bright and shining faces once again. Your spirits continue to grow brighter. Do not fear our separation. I have greatly enjoyed sitting with you in your conversation this evening, hearing your voices again, listening to your wonderful experiences and your sadness at not being together. (S) is correct in his assumption that this group is to continue to meet, that you are being prepared for great work. Another transmitter/receiver will be on line soon, if needed. 

It is truly a joyous occasion tonight. (S) has consented to act as transmitter-receiver this evening. I am most thankful for his presence. 

To speak of our situation, (T/R) and (T/R) are both experiencing doubts, internal difficulties, with this mission. They are not doubts that this mission is real. They are doubts in their own abilities and doubts in their own desires to the commitment of being transmitter-receivers. 

Understand, it does take time and energy that one must give freely in order to undertake this assignment. (T/R) is especially vulnerable to depletions of energy and it is quite understandable that she should be concerned with that particular aspect of her transmitting and receiving. Continue to love them with your whole hearts. They have indeed rendered an immeasurable service. And quite possibly will continue to do so in the future. Keep them in your prayers, speak with them as you might, share with them your love, and be joyous with each of them. This is not a time to feel down about this situation. 

When we began this teaching mission it was quite apparent that these sorts of anomalies would transpire. It is always hoped that each transmitter/receiver will accept their assignment and this sort of situation would never arise. But in the lives of mortals many things are possible, both positive and negative. They are the outworkings of living on an evolutionary planet. They cannot be avoided. This teaching mission is designed to uplift the spiritual natures, the spiritual knowledge, the spiritual commitment and the spiritual directions of those mortals who are a part of each class. They are not designed to ease one's life's toil, only to make each day easier to handle. You will all continue to have daily toil and trouble. There is no escape. But understand that with the re-encircuitment of the planet, with the help of your Guardian Angels and these teachings, you will conquer this earthly existence and be magnificent spiritual beings who arrive on the doorstep of the Heavenly Father and gaze upon Him in His glory. 

[Here followed lesson on DOUBT, followed by:] 

Q: Did anything significant in the spiritual realm happen on August 21st, Jesus' Birthday? Was there a new dimension added to the plan? 

A: Not to the plan. The formal encircuitment of the planet was announced by Gabriel and completed. 

Q: Does that make it easier for T/Rs to transmit and receive? 

A: It is a broad stroke accomplishment that affects all as does the Spirit of Truth. It isn't something that is specifically used by the transmitter-receivers. 

Q: It is a spiritual upstepping then, is that correct? 

A: Absolutely. Yes. And as time goes on you will begin to see in the lives of those you meet a spiritual awakening that you have not seen before. You will have individuals come to you and seek guidance for they will see your spiritual light. Their ability to see spiritual light in others is improved now. They may not realize what it is they see, for it isn't something you see with your eyes. It is something you see with your heart. You feel it in those that you meet. Does that help you? 

Q: RAYSON, did MICHAEL give us a message at JESUS' birthday party? 

A: Yes, there was a short message at the end of my message with (T/R). Yes. It was a transmission.

Q: But He did not identify Himself? 

A: He did. I am not certain that the actual words were spoken by (T/R). In reviewing her transmission it is evident that some of the final words that she spoke were from MICHAEL, Himself. 

Q: The BERTRAND class found that none of us could remember much of GABRIEL's transmission or any of the teachers. Can you explain why that was? Of that event? 

A: Sometimes it is important to use one's intellect to remember experiences as opposed to rely on mechanical devices. It is actually good that you did not record our session together on MICHAEL's birthday because now, in order to totally remember all that transpired you must again meet together and discuss what each of you have remembered. The inter-association of personality will again bring MICHAEL's personality within your midst, and the process will be much improved in remembering what occurred. Each of you have a full memory transcript of every word that was spoken. You must just have them in personal association with the other, with the 28 that were at our celebration, you will be able to reconstruct most of what occurred. 

Q: Could you elaborate a little bit about the circuits, how many there are, what their being open means to a human being, does that mean they are open in us, could you liken it to a radio station transmission? Things like that. 

A: As far as direct personal effect from the opening of the circuits, there is little. What has effected, though, is that each of your Guardian Angels, the Midwayers, all other celestial beings present on the planet, teachers, Life Carriers, all now have direct and open communication with their associates in the far-flung universe. They are able to minister much better than before the circuits were re-established. That is not to say that the circuits of the Thought Adjusters, the mind circuits of the Adjutant Mind Spirits, and others, were not functioning, no. But it does mean that some circuits that are used for the uplift of mankind are now re-established. As far as number is concerned, it is much more a function of number of facets on one circuit rather than the number of individual circuits. One circuit, though, that has been established that may have direct influence upon you, upon the teaching mission, is the direct circuit with MICHAEL, Himself. It is a private circuit. He can, communicate directly with Urantia at any time. 

Q: Did the private circuit by which MICHAEL connects with Urantia exist prior to His birthday. 

A: No, not this particular circuit. He had His connection through His Spirit of Truth, of course, but not this particular aspect of the circuits. 

Q: Can He speak through a T/R, RAYSON, through this circuit? 

A: Yes, He can. 

Q: We have a Urantia Book publication called the Monitor in the Southern California area, and in it recently was an opinion that the phenomenon of T/Rs and receiving guidance, and so forth, is dangerous and makes us dependent on teachers and keeps us from delving into our own contact with our own Thought Adjusters. In other words that it was a crutch for people who couldn't motivate themselves in order to serve God, that they had to have another source of motivation in order to get them going. What do you think of these opinions? 

A: First there is a need in many humans to have - let me phrase this another way. At no time if you will consult any of the transcripts, any of our teachings, you will know this is fact - at no time do we suggest that you, or that the teaching mission, take the place of your direct spiritual contact with your Thought Adjuster. We are continually suggesting that you practice the stillness, that you continue that daily contact with your Adjuster, that it is the most important guide that you can possibly have. This teaching class is designed to supplement The Urantia Book. It is designed to help you to experientialize the knowledge that you have gained from the facts within The Urantia Book. Truth is only had by experiencing. It is not had by reading in a book. Therefore, what we are attempting to do is to give you that experiential knowledge, that evolutionary knowledge, of what it is like to be an ascending mortal on a planet seeking the morontial, seeking soul growth, and seeking your spiritual growth as well. None of these are a panacea to an individual who is lazy. These are all processes that are necessary for a person who is active, who is eager, who wants to learn, and wants to grow. You see many who have made these statements; this is not by any means the only, but made them from a position of ignorance of what the teaching mission really is about. If they were to take the time to learn they would immediately see that those two suppositions are most incorrect. 

Q: Can we assume from that that the assignments you've planned for us would be something that would enable us to coordinate our potential 

A. Yes. 

Q: Are the physical challenges that face the T/ Rs in any way physically endangering to any of the T/Rs, or is it simply something like we all work and we get tired of digging ditches or whatever? A: Your latter assumption is correct. It is like physical labor. It is not dangerous in any way. (09/20/92) 


* * *

[On November 1, 1992, the discussion was about inviting a person to the group.] 

Student: Well, I don't know what the process is to get someone here, I'd like to initiate it, and propose her for membership.

RAYSON: I see that (S) has a great regard for her and I do not personally mind her presence in this group. There is a slight problem in setting a precedent. I understand that she is not a regular member of a study group or that she does not regularly study The Urantia Book. Does she, or has she, read the transcripts of other teachers? 

Student: Not to my knowledge. I was awaiting permission to invite her to forward her copies. She has the impression this is a secret society, and for that reason has not sought invitation to this group earlier than this time. I believe that she believes in The Urantia Book. I know she has spoken to people about it. And that she reads it on her own and has gone to study groups. I don't know about the regularity of her attendance. 

RAYSON: It is unfortunate that she believes that these sessions are secret. They were once very private, and they still need some form of discretion and inviting ???, but please try to dispel that idea. There is nothing secret here. She should be exposed to transcripts and or tapes of other teachers. Maybe what is required is a warm heart-to-heart talk with some members of this group besides (S). It is very difficult to interview a person when one is emotionally wrapped up in that person's life. Maybe you can do that. 

Student: It would be an honor. I cherish her friendship.... 

RAYSON: It would also be okay for me to talk to her on a personal basis. This would be fitting in that it will not set a precedent of having people in the group who are not familiar with the teachings of The Urantia Book even though that is not entirely precluded depending on the circumstances. Right now I think it would be best if first she is given a few pages from various teachings, which you think, embody wisdom and truth, and then - if she is open to the truths - I will be happy to meet with her in a private session.

Q: Thank you. I think she would very receptive to that. Something we talked about at home is the idea that there are many good people on Urantia who don't necessarily read The Urantia Book, or even know that it exists, and yet they lead good lives and follow the teachings of MICHAEL. Could you comment on that? 

A: Yes. There are many individuals on Urantia who have not heard of these missions, this teaching mission, or of The Urantia Book, but they are quite cognizant of truth, many truths, wisdom, and have been led to the truth by other means. Some of them also have teachers from this teaching mission. But that is in a different context. This format in which we are participating now has a great impact on the entire Urantia movement And members - or rather new members - may be received who have not read The Urantia Book, but they should be introduced to these meetings by having them read previous transcripts and sometimes with a private session. (11/01/92) 


* * *

Q: I've heard that there's a possibility that Prince MACHIVENTAMELCHIZEDEK may materialize in the near future, by that, within a matter of weeks or months. Would you have a comment to that effect of any kind? Or not 

A: A moment. (Long pause) I am told that this is human wishful thinking, that this will not happen - or is not planned by Prince MACHIVENTA - and I am sorry to tell you that this is incorrect information. (11/29/92)