Welcome to the Teaching Mission World Portal

The Teaching Mission World Portal is an interactive, searchable library and archive of more than a quarter-century of personal spiritual growth lessons from celestial teachers. Like the Teaching Mission, this Portal is about teaching and learning true spiritual values. As we grow, it will grow.


These recorded transmissions come from an array of celestial teachers who have taught humans foundational spiritual lessons over these many years, primarily through Urantia Book study groups. They include Christ Michael, who incarnated on our planet as Jesus, in a supreme display of empathy and love. We also hear lessons from Machiventa and other Melchizedeks, as well as the biblical Abraham, who continues in service today.  Many of our teachers are former mortals who are ascending on the human evolutionary path.










This Melchizedek curriculum focuses on individual growth via connection to the Spirits within, with such foundational topics as faith, worship, prayer, forgiveness, service, altruistic love, personality, defenselessness, and the building of caring communities. Over time, we have come to understand the elements of a universe education plan that encompasses all mortal children of the Universal Father.


Our collection is searchable by topic and teacher and includes a comprehensive index to primary transcripts and secondary collections, books and periodicals.


The core elements of the Portal come from a ‘TM Transcripts’ archive created and maintained by a California TM participant, with transmission collections from earlier years added, and a wide variety of writings, books, and audio sessions. These are typed transcripts from meetings with celestial teachers dating back to 1992.


We will feature a free subscription series of new and historic transmissions in the weeks to come that will hopefully promote interactive discussion and learning. We will continue to add historic materials in our continuing search into the past, and we will produce new secondary works.


During these years. members of the Teaching Mission have had to explore this phenomena on their own, learning what it is, and is not, and always with speculation for the future. Celestial teachers like to follow their curriculum designed for personal growth, but they answer many human questions and occasionally make revelations on the nature of this Time of Correction and our roles in societal challenges and changes.


Beyond the basic Teaching Mission, the recent Correcting Time for our world expands as a Magisterial Mission, in which enlightened and emboldened humans will work with celestials co-creatively and under the direction of an assigned Magisterial Son.


As always, the United Midwayers, our fellow planetary citizens from the spirit realm, foster and develop their 11.11 Correcting Time initiatives and serve as guardians and guides in our world.


Here is a timeline of the Teaching Mission history.


1978. Celestial teacher Bertrand states in 1992 that the biblical Abraham arrived on our planet in this year, prior to a dispensation ending the Lucifer Rebellion. He came with special permission from the Ancients of Days.


1984. An entity referred to as “Master Abraham” begins channeling information via a medium referred to as “Mrs. Miller” in New Zealand, according to a research report by a University of Waikato professor. Meeting with a small group of men, she channels a spiritual personality known as Bertha, later a personality known as “Melchizedek” and then to include the biblical patriarch Abraham, still serving and working with Machiventa Melechizedek after all this time.


1985. Various teachers have spoken of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion against God, in which our planetary prince participated. Bertrand states in 1992: “I can tell you that it was in the fall of 1985, generally. Because of universe time differences, it is difficult to establish a specific date.”


1988. Bertrand again reports that the original 100 teachers arrived on the planet in this year. Some have trained as long as a thousand years, himself included. He notes that his companion teacher Signa arrived on the planet on October 21, 1988.


1989. To a question in Iowa comes a transmitted reply: “You are correct in your assumption that I, Machiventa, a Melchizedek, am resident governor general of the planet Urantia. You have requested authenticity of these claims. From the Paradise Father, I give you confirmation … I AM.  This is the end of my message.”


1989. On July 27, a letter from the New Zealand group reaches Thern Blackburn, who responds with questions. The dialogue results in joint visits and establishment of the first Teaching Mission group in the U.S. in Woods Cross, Utah.


1991. Early in the year, teacher Ham makes contact with the Woods Cross Urantia study group, and begins weekly lessons on March 7. Circulation of these early transcripts fuel development of the mission. The human transmitter has the spiritual name, Rebecca.


1991. March lessons include the announcement from Abraham that Ham is coordinator of the celestial teachers and works under the direction of Abraham and Machiventa.


1991. Teacher Will introduces herself to a group of Tallahassee, Florida, Urantia students on October 27. Various teachers will visit over the years, and the group develops several transmitters.


1992. On February 1, transmitter Rebecca from the Woods Cross group speaks for Ham to a group of Urantia Book students in a meeting at the Los Angeles international airport. Reception is mixed, mostly negative. The full text:


“The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, He is.


“My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham. I have been commissioned to bring the light of truth and the understanding of our Father to Urantia.


“I am one of many teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many teachers among you. Great is our mission.


“Understand this in your hearts. The time has arrived for an expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves, no, indeed only in service of Michael. The day marks the beginning of the Correcting Time. Machiventa Melchizedek has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia, an assignment he has accepted from Michael.


“Long years we have awaited this day. The Lucifer Rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being re-opened. All these changes are occurring. I am in accordance with the plan of Michael. Happy and joyous is this day. Blessed in the sight of our Lord, gracious listeners. I bid you welcome to change. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machiventa on this day.”


1992. Various celestial teachers begin sessions with students in the U.S. They include Rayson, Bertrand, Signa, Jarel, Jared, Tarkas, Aflana, Olfana, Lester and others in California; Melchizedek Norson and others in Hawaii; Daniel and others in Pocatello, ID; Elyon, Solonia and others in Coeur d’Alene, ID; LorEl and others in Sarasota, FL; Welmek and others in Indianapolis, IN; Tarkas, Bakim, Malvantra Melchizedek and others in Cincinnati, OH; Andrew and various celestials in Pittsburgh; El Tanere in York, PA; Aaron and others in Spokane, WA; Tomas, Merium and various teachers by transmitter ‘Gerdean’ in several locations over the years.  This is an incomplete list. Christ Michael, Abraham, and Machiventa Melchizedek make many guest appearances during these years in which the curriculum is being instilled.


1992 on August 21, Jesus’ birthday on Urantia: Bertrand’s transcript says that Gabriel arrived on the planet with full approval of the Ancients of Days, announcing that all 37 rebellion planets will undergo the redemption mission. Until this time, only provisional approval had been given.


1992. Bertrand’s transmission on October 30 states that A Course in Miracles is a personal revelation between a person and their indwelling spirit (thought adjuster). The words are not Christ Michael’s but he provides the guiding inspiration for the book.


1993. A small Naperville, IL, open spirituality group speaks of an attempted materialization of Machiventa Melchizedek, sets a date, and attracts TM participants into Chicago from across the country. Many Urantia students were to later express disappointment in the lack of a visible appearance while only getting an energy-enhancing ceremony from unknown Arizona visitors outside of their Urantia roots. These people turned dramatically from the TM meetings and overall interest waned. Urantia fundamentalists used the incident as a means to degrade the so-called channeling phenomena as unreliable. Others, but few, related more positively  to the transmitted message spoken to the group, that the Melchizedek was heretofore from this day headquartered on the planet for the multi-planet Correcting Time Mission and had assumed the mantel of Vicegerent Planetary Prince in a quasi-physical form. The broadcast of the event was said to have been to the entire local universe. The episode raised much controversy and it continues today. Visiting celestials have noted that they themselves learned a great deal from the event, and often learn as much or more than the human students they teach.


1994. Celestial teacher and artisan Veronica, transmitting in Volcano, HI, announces the four phases of the Correcting Time, as recorded.


“There are multiple phases that comprise the correction event now unfolding on Urantia, and your conception of the initial four phases will enlarge your vision of the essential role you must perform.


“The first of these stages regards the manifold deployment of personal and group teachers that have volunteered their loving service and who are involved in the transformation preparation of mortals in ways that are both obvious and concealed to you.  Their presence is now acknowledged to some and unceasingly becoming evident to others.  The task they have embarked upon is a segment of what some of your associates call the Teaching Mission, and this involves the regeneration of spiritual values on individual levels.


“This second phase is exceedingly significant and of great consequence to subsequent stages of transformation that will eventualize on your planet. All my previous and future lessons will give emphasis to this indispensable and profound shift of perception to enhance your inner sense of right direction.


“This reprogramming of unconscious personal beliefs that block fuller awareness of your potential is vital to transition into Phase Three which involves a massive and collective change in basic assumptions.  It will involve vast populations and bring about an unprecedented speed of conversion that is inconceivable to you now.  There will be a major shift in the interpretation of reality and an assimilation of spiritual and intellectual knowing that will enable a commitment to a shared vision by communal methods.


“You will be the progenitors that enable this stage of our assignment to be actualized, and it will be after this segment of progression that the expertise of the Melchizedeks will be employed to bring about the fullest development of man's highest powers.  This fourth phase of transformation will impart profound wisdom that will overcome complex problems of uncertainty and usher the collective consciousness on a rapid track towards light and life.


“There are many more stages to this vast undertaking; however, these phases of progression have been conveyed to place emphasis on the importance of self-development.


“These events will not come in orderly succession; and just as individual progression occurs at varied rates, these phases will at times appear concurrently and singularly but will eventually consummate into transcendent meaning.


“When Christ Michael assumed mortal form and walked on Urantia, there were many unaware of His presence.  Your seemingly small steps will foster the transitions needed to precede each stage of worldwide correction.  It gives me tremendous joy to provide you with affectionate influence in devotion to the Father.


“It is my desire in this conveyance to help you comprehend the profound importance of your daily struggles towards perfection, as it will be fundamental and inherent to the divine plan and our loving progression towards the First Source and Center.”



1994. Spiritual seekers hold a gathering in Cheney, WA. Participants begin calling themselves by the Teaching Mission name, to share Urantia-based truths in a new era of spiritual growth driven by enhanced energy circuits. Teachers had appeared for the Revelation. The event included transmissions from celestial artisans and much conversation about the advent of Melchizedek Schools.


1994. Beginning of the TM Network newsletter by Allene Vick, featuring transmissions and news from throughout the country. All issues to 1998 are archived here.


1994. An internet library and archive of TM transcripts is launched by Russ Gustafson for the many transcripts being circulated between groups, as well as a lively discussion group. From that time, transmitters, transcribers and facilitators have produced a huge planetary collection of lessons relating to our personal spiritual growth. Much debate ensued over the years as participants explored the phenomena. This collection has formed the foundation for our portal.


1994. Five training sessions held in Colorado Springs, CO, for new human receiver-transmitters.


1994. Spirit Fest in California is the first of several annual gatherings of open-minded spiritual seekers. Keynote Speaker Duane Faw, a retired military general and Urantia student, overviews the wave of teachers and the inter-planetary Time of Correction.


1995.  The Stillness Foundation formed by Michael Painter, Donna D’Ingillo, Jim Cleveland and Marty Risacher to promote the practice of Stillness for worship, prayer and to make contact with the Spirit Within.  Publication of “The Stillness: Key to Health, Wealth and Happiness.” The Foundation was discontinued due to divorce and has evolved into other service projects for the founders.


1995. Hawaii TM transmitters begin publishing The Paradise Networker newsletter and produce a desk calendar featuring 365 teacher lessons. They produced thousands of pages of transcripts, many of them shared in this archive.


1995. Teaching Mission gathers in Fayetteville, Arkansas, hosted by the Tallahassee, FL, group. System Sovereign Lanaforge makes a progress report. Celestial Artisans make a presentation and offer of assistance.


1996. Teaching Mission members hold after-hours meetings during the International Urantia Book conference at the University of Arizona.


1996. Celestial teacher and Melchizedek Mantutia announces in Tallahassee that a Magisterial Son has been designated for our planet and will appear at some future time.


1997. Teaching Mission gathering in Snow Mountain, CO.


1997. Harp of God Foundation is established by Marty Greenhut and Gerdean O’Dell, begins a global networking list and publication of TM-related works.


1997. Cincinnati group hosts a Teaching Mission conference in Loveland, OH.


1998. TM gathering in downtown Nashville, hosted by the transmitting group for Ham. Transmitter Rebecca has married and moved to the city from Utah.


1998. Fred Harris and friends from the Tallahassee, FL, Teaching Mission publish a collection of lessons from Will and other celestials — The Center Within: Lessons from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation — through Urantia scholar Byron Belitsos and his Origin Press.


1998. Light and Life Journal begins internet and print publication of Urantia and TM-based spiritual issues of the day. Continues for 19 issues, included in this archive.


1999. Harp of God publishes Fruits of the Spirit by transmitter Gerdean O’Dell and celestial teacher Tomas.


1999. TM members hold a panel discussion at the International Urantia Conference in Vancouver. Special TM history issues of the Light and Life Journal distributed. Rebecca transmits Ham with the following message on August 10, 1999.


The Father has sent out one mandated task:  That you all must find in your hearts the resolve to attempt: BE YOU PERFECT EVEN AS I AM PERFECT. And children, he did not expect you to do this by yourself. Vast are the numbers of teachers. Vast are the numbers of angels and other planetary helpers who have come into this world to help you begin the task of your eternal lives. We come to serve, to help you.


This world is a planet of the walking wounded, and Michael in his benevolence and purity of purpose has sent as many teachers as can be received, to help each one of you—each one of you—overcome the wounding in your lives that has been brought through no fault of your own. Michael is sending with his teachers the Bread of Life and the Spiritual Water that will truly quench your thirst forever.


He asks but one thing: He asks that you be willing to open your hearts just enough to allow yourselves to receive his love and to allow yourself the willingness to change. Your anxieties, your fears, all these things are known to us. We know of your difficulties, your sorrows, your broken hearts. We know of all the various ways in which you hide from yourselves and from others—and yes, children, from the Father.


Question: Why now?


Ham:  Certainly. There is, of course, a simple answer. It is Michael’s will, but I know you are desiring some more detailed explanation. Many events have occurred in conjunction: the final adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion, the opening of your planetary circuits, and the will of Michael to bring his beloved world back into the realms of light, from the darkness into which it was cast.


1999. Fred Harris publishes The Correcting Time, recounting road adventures related to the celestial messages.


1999. Stella Religa publishes The Last Revelation, which relates the enlightenments of the Urantia Book text to inform the apostle John’s Book of Revelations. She was a transmitter of celestial teacher Corelli and others.


2000. Teaching Mission gathering in Tallequah, OK.


2001. Teaching Mission meets in Park City, Utah, hosted by the Woods Cross group.


2001. Northern Colorado Teaching Mission group begins a series of 119 recorded sessions from August 19 through May 29, 2011.


2002. TM members meet after hours at another Urantia Intermational Conference in Estes Park, CO, receiving a number of timely transmissions.


2002. The Center for Christ Consciousness formed by Donna D’Ingillo as a healing and spiritual uplifting ministry to help people develop their personal relationships with our Divine Parents and their Indwelling Spirits. The ministry is also dedicated to transforming human consciousness through its healing services.  Donna’s book, Teach Us to Love, was first published this year.


2003. Teaching Mission meets near Niagara Falls, NY, at a Catholic retreat center. Members begin the steps to organize the Association for Light and Life, a broad-based spiritual organization that would support altruistic projects. After several years, it has become inactive.


2003. Denver, CO, TM group begins a series of 21 sessions.


2003. Southern Colorado TM group begins a series of 54 sessions.


2003. Paramahansa Yogananda transmits at Niagara Falls, discussing his more enlightened views since his transition, on reincarnation and other subjects.


2003. Beyond Cynicism, Liberating Voices from the Spirit Within is published by Jim Cleveland, featuring keyboard Q/A with celestial teachers called the One Team, along with Stillness practice advice.


2003. Cleveland and Dallas musician Mark Austin begin a collaboration that will produce 9 Soul Series poetry-music CDs with numerous guest artists, as well as Jesus of Urantia and Celestial Fusions, with TM lessons.


2004. A transmission comes to the Celestial Nights spiritual retreat in Florida from Monjoronson, who announces himself as the Magisterial Son appointed to the planet. He speaks of the coming mission which will eventually result in his materialization.


2004. TM transmissions and speakers are included in the first annual conference of the Association for Light and Life, in Boise, UT.


2004. Cleveland publishes an account of personal and group experiences with celestial teachers up to 1996 — Celestials over Cincinnati, Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time. It features transmissions from 33 celestial teachers.


2005. TM retreat held at Canossian Spiritual Center near Albuquerque, NM.


2005. The Celestial Songbook, a collection of lyric and poetry from Cleveland showcases the offerings of celestial artisans who are working collaboratively with humans in this new era. Celestial Songbook 2 will come the following year., expanding the material into secular stories and human romance.


2005. Rocky Mountain TM group meets for five sessions in Boulder, CO.


2006. TM holds a second retreat at the Canossian center, again hosted by longtime TM stalwarts Gerdean and Angus Bowen.


2006. The ALL conference of “Settling into Light & Life” in Santa Barbara establishes light anchors into the planet to support our cultural development along the plans of the Correcting Time.


2007. TM speakers and transmitters at the Association for Light and Life conference at Unity Village near Kansas City.


2007. Daynal Institute is formed to explore and showcase human-celestial interactions on all levels through history. Utilizes TM Transcripts flow and includes both unedited and edited transmissions.


2007. A series of 29 meetings with celestials on developing co-creative design teams, are held in Evergreen, CO. A workshop in Park City, UT, launches a collaboration with Melchizedeks to work on sustainable societies for the future.


2007.  Teacher Welmek’s Lessons on Prayer published by Harp of God —  a compilation of 2003-4 lessons from the celestial teacher for the Marin, CA TM group.


2008. Joyce Brenton and Harp of God publishes a book of daily meditations, The Mind of Christ,.


2008. First of a continuing series of Melchizedek School sustainable society workshops held in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The latest event, at this writing, held in Pereia, Colombia, in 2017. Facilitator is longtime Colorado transmitter and prolific writer and social activist Daniel Raphael.


2010. Gerdean O’Dell publishes Spirits of Promise, a relational study of the seven Chakras and the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits of the Urantia Papers.


2010. In Colorado, humans and celestials continue working together in a series of 25 meetings called ‘special sessions.’


2010. A series of 52 meetings titled ‘Conversations with Monjoronson’ begins in Colorado. Transcripts date from December 31, 2010, through June 24, 2013.  Monjoronson is a name given for our Magisterial Son, who is assigned to adjudicate our world and bring it toward Light and Life.


2011. Teaching Mission Network organizes to help facilitate the personal Stillness practice of worship, prayer, and connection to celestial teachers. Establishes website and Facebook discussion group. The organization functions essentially as a band of apostles for Jesus of Urantia, connecting his celestial teachers with human seekers.


2012. Origin Press publishes The Adventure of Being Human, a first volume from celestial teachings in California, primarily from Christ Michael and Nebadonia.


2013. Humans and celestials meet on the topic of introducing a New Era on the planet. The 74th session was held on July 25, 2016.


2014. Teaching Mission Network releases The Joys of Stillness, a CD of Stillness instruction narratives and complementary musical bridges by guest artists.


2015. TM Net releases its first history book volume — The Teaching Mission: A New Foundation of Spirituality for a Quickening Planet. Includes over 30 human contributors and numerous celestial teacher lessons.


2015. Second volume of The Adventure of Being Human: Mother Spirit Speaks, from Origin Press, with transmitter Jerry Lane.


2016. New Era Transition sessions begin in Colorado and are continuing. Overall, there are, at this writing, 404 total Colorado sessions with celestial teachers, including Machiventa Melchizedek, Rayson and Sondjah Melchizedek.


2016. TM Net releases a second volume — The Teaching Mission: Living in the Aura of Love, including topical teacher lessons on connecting to spirit, learning from and working with spirit and effectively teaching the new and higher spiritual principles of the times. Features the complete Stillness book, first published by the Stillness Foundation.


2017. Center for Christ Consciousness publishes Divine Mother, Divine Father relating to the ministry of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, the holy mother spirit.


2018. Teaching Mission Network joins with the planetary Magisterial Mission and the 11.11 Correcting Time Midwayers to create a searchable Internet library and archive of teacher lessons, joining the other two sites to present a trilogy of Spiritual Revelation for all seekers.


Through these 26 plus years, our band of spiritual seekers have individually communicated with many celestial teachers on both group and personal assignments. Here’s an alphabetical listing.


We make special note of our commentaries from our world’s Creator Son of God, Michael of Nebadon. We have communicated frequently as well with Machiventa Melchizedek and other Melchizedeks who are working within our planetary “Correcting Time” – adjudication and redemption from the Lucifer Rebellion.


In our search engine database, you will find transmissions from the following teachers by name.


TM Leadership:


Christ Michael / Michael / Jesus


Machiventa Melchizedek


Nebadonia, the local universe Mother Spirit


Melchizedeks of record:
























Visiting Spirit Personalities of special note:


Abraham, the biblical patriarch


Astara, a Bright and Morning Star


Lanaforge, a System Sovereign


Margul, a Daynal Order teacher


Nathaniel, the biblical apostle


Paramahansa Yogananda


Bakim, Celestial Artisan Colony Administrator


Ham, Administrator with visiting teachers


Group and Personal Teachers*


*Over the years, these are teacher names that human transmitters have perceived and they are in our database.


When assigning ‘human’ names to these celestial personalities, however, we acknowledge room for error and so do the transmitters. They say the human names they assume are of little importance compared to the insights of the messages. There has been question whether Andronason and Rantarason could actually be the same Melchizedek. It hardly matters since they all teach the Melchizedek curriculum specially designed for our planet’s citizens.




















Andrea, an Artisan






Charles, a Mighty Messenger






Elisha, artisan






El Tanere








Gorman, a Midwayer








Jack, a Midwayer, real name 0802-AB
































Rachel, a Midwayer










Veronica, artisan












THE TEACHING MISSION AND TRANSFORMATION – Keynote speech of retired Army General and teacher host Duane Faw at the 1995 Spirit Fest in San Obispo, CA.


ANASTACIA and ORDON. Transcript of a Dallas, Texas, group and their visits with two celestial teachers.


FAITH GARDEN 2003 transcripts from Idaho, from SOLONIA, the biblical ‘voice in the garden’ on preparing for major earth changes. Presented by Daniel Megow, whose ministry was The Church Within. This is included in The Teaching Mission, vol. 2


LIVING WATERS conference proceedings and transcripts from Stella Niagara, NY in 2003. Booklet features transcripts from various celestial teachers, including a keynote address by TARKAS.


MICHAEL of NEBADON via the late Thea Hardy of Corvallis, OR, a prolific transmitter with much material which has never been transcribed.


CELESTIAL ARTISAN BAKIM transmits her messages and encouragements for the upcoming TM conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1995.


NORSON MELCHIZEDEK with an explanation of our troubled planet’s history, presented in Hawaii in 1993.


TRANSMITTING, a research examination of the phenomenon with a collection of teacher comments, presented by Oliver Duex in Costa Rica.


NEW ZEALAND ROOTS. 1 -- A transcribed session with ABRAHAM and MACHIVENTA in 1989.


2—conversations with ABRAHAM in 1991.


Dr. BOB SLAGLE, a psychologist, was active in the early years of the mission, host to the teacher JarEl. He wrote two definitive papers: 1—"Welcome to Change” and 2 – a collection of additional thoughts and transmissions from 1994.


URANTIA RELATIONSHIPS. Oliver Duex produced an excellent cross-reference essay relating the celestial teachers to the Urantia Book’s extensive revelations on universe education for time and space mortals.


RAYSON provides an illuminating session in 1993 that examines the confusion among Urantia Book readers from the Teaching Mission announcement, and overviews its purpose.


TM HISTORY to 2001, the first 10 years, was the keynote address topic of “Rebecca,” who recounts her experiences as the transmitter who took the message to the Urantia Book in 1993 and where it has all led.


MINDAL SCIENCE is discussed by Midwayer 0802-AB, known as “Jack,” via transmitter Gerdean O’Dell in 2013.


TRANSMITTING ISSUES are discussed in transmissions from HAM and WILL, including the dangers of transmitter “wish fulfillment.”


A PERSONAL NOTE about the personalities of MIDWAYERS by Transmitter and longtime contact personality, “Gerdean.”


‘MONJORONSON’ announces his presence and eventual materialization as the planet’s Magisterial Son at a Celestial Nights spiritual retreat in Cape San Blas, Florida, 2004.


CELESTIAL NIGHTS in Cape San Blas, Florida, hosted by the Tallahassee TM group in 2004 features lessons from MACHIVENTA Melchizedek, MICHAEL, AARON, CAPTAIN ARMANDO and others.


NASHVILLE TEACHING MISSION conference in 1998 is recapped in a booklet with transmissions and presentations. Includes lessons from HAM, MACHIVENTA, NERO, ANATOLIA, and others. Poetry by legendary songwriter and JARED transmitter, Hal Bynum.


THE OKLAHOMA COLLECTION from 1993, assembled by Byron Belitsos. Transcripts of sessions with TR “Ellen” and a colorful array of celestial visitors, including group teacher RondEl. 48 pages.


PARADISE NETWORKER magazine from Kona, HI, first issue in 1995 published by Sonny Schneider and friends.


11.11. George Barnard from northern Australia reports on his longtime Midwayer connections with a TM group in California, and it leads to a meditation session in the Akashic Construct technique. Includes a message from JarEl.


FLORIDA TM group in Tallahassee engages with MANTUTIA Melchizdek in 1996 on a coming Magisterial Mission. Transmissions also from ALPHONSO and WILL.


THE HALF MOON BAY, CA collection follows Susan Kimzey’s first tentative sentences and lessons from celestial teachers and follows her course of growth in 1993-94, a fascinating roadmap of spiritual discovery and verbalization. Lessons from such celestial teachers as OLFANA, JAMES, and TARKAS.


DANIEL, TOMAS and ABRAHAM present poignant lessons in Pocatello, ID, 1995. Numerous transcripts can be found in our database from Pocatello and Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, groups.


RAYSON, an early era teacher. Collections from the early 1990’s in Malibu and Topanga Canyon, California; Purpose of the Mission is overviewed.


ASSOCIATION FOR LIGHT AND LIFE conference in Taos, NM, 2009, features transmissions from CHRIST MICHAEL, TARKAS and MERIUM.


THE TRANSMITTING/RECEIVING PROCESS is explored and discussed by a group of celestial teachers and humans in a paper compiled by Oliver Duex. Includes teachers HAM, ALANA, ABRAHAM, OLFANA and others.


TOMAS and TRIESTE transmit messages via TR “Gerdean” the night before and a day after a controversial‘ materialization’ event in Chicago.


NETWORK OF THE HEART 1995 conference summarizing paper by Dr. David Schlundt of Vanderbilt University, with a transmission from TARKAS.


WILL and AMBROSE teacher lessons in Tallahassee, FL.


REFLECTIONS on the first years of the mission by Fred Harris, a Tallahassee, FL, group mainstay, as the UrantiaL discussion group ends in 1994.


... A second essay offers further ideas about the mission in 2011.


TM RETREAT IN NM in 2005 features transmissions from MACHIVENTA Melchizedek, CHRIST MICHAEL and others.


A COLLECTION from the historic Light and Life Journal includes HAM, ABRAHAM, JESSONA and others.


A MELCHIZEDEK named AhmaNiden devotes a session to a Teaching Mission student seeking understanding of current events. 1994.




TEACHERS OF THE LIGHT. An early era (1996) e-book with an overview of the mission and submitted reports from all groups, edited by Jim Cleveland.


THE CELESTIAL SONGBOOK. Inspirational lyric and poetry co-produced by Jim Cleveland and the Celestial Artisans.


THE TEACHING MISSION: A New Spiritual Foundation for a Quickening Planet, edited by Jim Cleveland. Includes human commentaries on working with celestial teachers and numerous transmissions.


THE TEACHING MISSION, vol. 2: Living in the Aura of Love. Commentaries and teacher transmissions, including a complete book: The Stillness: Key to Wealth, Health and Happiness by Michael Painter.




THE LIGHT AND LIFE JOURNAL was a magazine published for 19 issues by Jim Cleveland and partners Angus Bowen, Gerdean O’Dell and Marty Greenhut. A collection of PDF files.


TNN, issue one of the definitive Teaching Mission periodical for many years, edited by Allene Vick, and a link to the entire collection.


COMING SOON ...... Photo Gallery .... Videos .... Historic Teacher Collections .... New Discoveries.



Teachers in the Mission