The Urantia Book

The Urantia Papers, published as The Urantia Book by the Urantia Foundation of Chicago, is considered by its advocates to be the Fifth Epochal Revelation to our Planet:

1. Our Planetary Prince, Caligastia, who joined the Lucifer Rebellion against God.

2. The Adam and Eve mission of biological upliftment; our assigned Planetary Son and Daughter defaulted.

3. Machiventa Melchizedek, a celestial realms teacher, who materialized to advance the One God concept to Abraham and the Jews, and then beyond via missionaries to other parts of the world.

4. The Incarnation of Michael, Creator Son of God, as Jesus, a triumphant life and noble death and resurrection, and a final end to the Lucifer Rebellion.

5. The Urantia Papers, dictated and/or materialized by authors representing a celestial administration over several decades; published in 1955, by the Urantia Foundation.

Artwork by Gary Tonge

"Havona" and the Isle of Paradise

A Brief Description of the Urantia Book 

The Urantia Book was authored by celestial beings as a special revelation to our planet, Urantia.

The book's message is that all human beings are one family, the sons and daughters of one God, the Universal Father. It instructs on the genesis, history, and destiny of mankind and on our relationship with God. It also presents a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus, opening new vistas of time and eternity, and revealing new concepts of Man's ever-ascending adventure of finding the Universal Father in our friendly and carefully administered universe.

The Urantia Book's view of science, philosophy, and religion is perhaps the clearest and most concise integration of these subjects available to contemporary man. There is little question among the over 400,000 people who have purchased, read, and who study the Book: The Urantia Book has the capacity to make a significant contribution to the religious and philosophical thinking of all peoples; it truly has the potential to shape world destiny.

Over and over, people from around the world have discovered that the Book has profoundly impressed and changed their lives - inspired and stimulated them to reach new levels of spiritual growth and enhanced living.

While almost every generation produces a number of people who pose as the bearers of a 'new revelation,' it is surprising that The Urantia Book does not advocate a new organized religion. Its viewpoint builds upon the d present, encouraging a personal, living religion based on faith and service to one's fellows.

Quotes from the Urantia Book

On the Universe:

In the affairs of men’s hearts the Universal Father may not always have his way; but in the conduct and destiny of a planet the divine plan prevails; the eternal purpose of wisdom and love triumphs. - pg 51 from “The Father’s Supreme Rule”

The myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many different types of intelligent creatures, beings who could know God, receive the divine affection, and love him in return. - pg 1

On the Universal God:

P21:1, 1:0.1 - The Universal Father is the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. First think of God as a creator, then as a controller, and lastly as an infinite upholder. The truth about the Universal Father had begun to dawn upon mankind when the prophet said: "You, God, are alone; there is none beside you. You have created the heaven and the heaven of heavens, with all their hosts; you preserve and control them. By the Sons of God were the universes made. The Creator covers himself with light as with a garment and stretches out the heavens as a curtain." Only the concept of the Universal Father -- one God in the place of many gods -- enabled mortal man to comprehend the Father as divine creator and infinite controller.

P21:3, 1:0.3 - The enlightened worlds all recognize and worship the Universal Father, the eternal maker and infinite upholder of all creation. The will creatures of universe upon universe have embarked upon the long, long Paradise journey, the fascinating struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God the Father. The transcendent goal of the children of time is to find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine nature, to recognize the Universal Father. God-knowing creatures have only one supreme ambition, just one consuming desire, and that is to become, as they are in their spheres, like him as he is in his Paradise perfection of personality and in his universal sphere of righteous supremacy. From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, "Be you perfect, even as I am perfect." In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise have carried this divine exhortation down through the ages and out through the universes, even to such lowly animal-origin creatures as the human races of Urantia.

P22:5, 1:1.2 - The Universal Father never imposes any form of arbitrary recognition, formal worship, or slavish service upon the intelligent will creatures of the universes. The evolutionary inhabitants of the worlds of time and space must of themselves -- in their own hearts -- recognize, love, and voluntarily worship him. The Creator refuses to coerce or compel the submission of the spiritual free wills of his material creatures. The affectionate dedication of the human will to the doing of the Father's will is man's choicest gift to God; in fact, such a consecration of creature will constitutes man's only possible gift of true value to the Paradise Father. In God, man lives, moves, and has his being; there is nothing which man can give to God except this choosing to abide by the Father's will, and such decisions, effected by the intelligent will creatures of the universes, constitute the reality of that true worship which is so satisfying to the love-dominated nature of the Creator Father.

P26:3, 1:4.1 - The infinity of the perfection of God is such that it eternally constitutes him mystery. And the greatest of all the unfathomable mysteries of God is the phenomenon of the divine indwelling of mortal minds. The manner in which the Universal Father sojourns with the creatures of time is the most profound of all universe mysteries; the divine presence in the mind of man is the mystery of mysteries.

On Our Bodies, Our Ascension:

P26:4, 1:4.2 - The physical bodies of mortals are "the temples of God." Notwithstanding that the Sovereign Creator Sons come near the creatures of their inhabited worlds and "draw all men to themselves"; though they "stand at the door" of consciousness "and knock" and delight to come in to all who will "open the doors of their hearts"; although there does exist this intimate personal communion between the Creator Sons and their mortal creatures, nevertheless, mortal men have something from God himself which actually dwells within them; their bodies are the temples thereof.

P26:5, 1:4.3 - When you are through down here, when your course has been run in temporary form on earth, when your trial trip in the flesh is finished, when the dust that composes the mortal tabernacle "returns to the earth whence it came"; then, it is revealed, the indwelling "Spirit shall return to God who gave it."

There sojourns within each moral being of this planet a fragment of God, a part and parcel of divinity. It is not yet yours by right of possession, but it is designedly intended to be one with you if you survive the mortal existence.

Jesus / Michael of Nebadon:

P.2090 - §4: To "follow Jesus" means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master's life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human , that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it. - Midwayer Commission

To the Apostles:

P.1931 - §2: Remember that you are commissioned to preach this gospel of the kingdom--the supreme desire to do the Father's will coupled with the supreme joy of the faith realization of sonship with God--and you must not allow anything to divert your devotion to this one duty. Let all mankind benefit from the overflow of your loving spiritual ministry, enlightening intellectual communion, and uplifting social service; but none of these humanitarian labors, nor all of them, should be permitted to take the place of proclaiming the gospel. These mighty ministrations are the social by-products of the still more mighty and sublime ministrations and transformations wrought in the heart of the kingdom believer by the living Spirit of Truth and by the personal realization that the faith of a spirit-born man confers the assurance of living fellowship with the eternal God. - Jesus

“There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite pleasures of such a career are yours for the striving!” - from page 365

“You humans have begun an endless unfolding of an almost endless panorama, a limitless expanding of never-ending, ever-widening spheres of opportunity for exhilarating service, matchless adventure, sublime uncertainty, and boundless attainment. When the clouds gather overhead, your faith should accept the fact of the indwelling Adjuster, and thus you should be able to look beyond the mists of mortal uncertainty into the clear shining of the sun of eternal righteousness ... " - from page 1,194

Urantia Papers Downloads:

There is much to explore within the near 2,100 pages of the Urantia Papers.

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Table of Contents: A List of Urantia Papers

Urantia Papers 1-36: A discourse on the organization of the Central and Superuniverses and their personalities, beginning with the Universal Father and extending through all of the ministering spirits. Part II section begins, discussing the local universe of Nebadon, its evolution and administration, the Lucifer Rebellion against God and its aftermath.

Urantia Papers 37-69: Review of local universe personalities and administration. The history of our planet, Urantia, begins with astronomical origins, life establishment, and the eras of marine life, mammalian development, early races and their evolvement, the reign and fall of our planetary prince, Caligastia, and the advent of human institutions.

Urantia Papers 70-103: Planetary history continues with the Garden of Eden and the fall of Adam and Eve, the second garden, migrations of the races, their primitive institutions evolving into worship, prayer and religion. Machiventa Melchizedek appears and expands the concept of one God only. Views on the foundations, nature and problems of religion.

Urantia Papers 104-134: The Melchizedek message comes forward into the message of Jesus, the incarnation of Michael of Nebadon, Creator Son of God, and creator of Nebadon. Discourses on time and space; our indwelling Thought Adjusters; personality survival, and the building of God the Supreme. Jesus is born and grows to manhood.

Urantia Papers 135-164: Jesus is baptized and begins his ministry. Apostles are chosen and trained, then ordained with the “Sermon on the Mount.” The preaching tour reaches across the land, from Galilee to Samaria, Perea, Philadelphia and Jerusalem. Includes discussions with philosopher Rodan of Alexandria.

Urantia Papers 165-196: Lazarus is resurrected from the tomb. The final trip to Jerusalem ends in arrest, persecution and crucifixion, followed by an amazing resurrection with numerous appearances across the land. Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth to humankind. Assessments of today’s society and religions following Pentecost. The Faith of Jesus.

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