Love Empowerment The Jesus Incarnation Time and Space Worlds The Human Ascension Plan Planetary Correcting Time Personality Indwelling Spirit/Thought The Lucifer Rebellion Adjudication of Rebellion Empathy Forgiveness Defenselessness The Judeo-Christian Bible The Urantia Book Sustainable Institutions Overpopulation Global Warming Effective Prayer Death, as Transition Spiritual Core Values Stillness Practice Meditation Human DNA Parenting Fear Motivation Mindfulness Spiritual Consciousness Critical Thinking Satan and the Devil Time and Space Worlds Heaven/Havona Angelic Service Midwayers Evolution Atonement Living in Balance Celestial Artisans Melchizedeks Machiventa, the Sage of 
Celestial Overseers Salem Ego Management Prophecy Profit Judgment by God Judgments by Humans Sexuality Judaism Christianity Islam Environmental Crisis Morontia, a state of being Agriculture The Garden of Eden Energy Circuits Democracy Self-Awareness Intentions, of humans Empathy, of Jesus Sin

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