An Exploration of the Spiritual Universe

From the Urantia Fellowship in Boulder comes a list of source material related to the book, including these videos:


Architectural Spheres of Ascension

Created by Gary Tonge and Andre Radatus, with original music by Michael DiMattia, and utilizing Urantia Book cosmology to take us on the journey to perfection from our native world, through the ascending spheres to The Eternal Isle.


A Gift of Mastery

This video, created by Gary Deinstadt, is a deeply moving tribute to the book, and illustrates why the people are transformed by it.


Here are other media resources:

If you are new to The Urantia Book, you may want to check into the following great resources at,  Many of our favorite video presentations.  A place to buy books and works inspired by the book. 
A gallery of theFellowship’s international work.  Blogs by longtime Urantia Book students and scholars.  An online weekly radio show sponsored by our Outreach Committee.  Find a study group near you.  Join the Facebook discussion group. Get connected with the younger Urantia Book students.
Find out about and get involved with regional Urantia Societies.  Learn about Urantia conferences, retreats and other events.
Become a member of the Urantia Book Fellowship.  Learn about the Urantia community.  Send us an email and let us know how we can help you.  A site created for new readers by our regional Rocky Mountain Society.


Simply a wonderful online search and study tool for The Urantia Book.  Read The Urantia Book, in its entirety, online.  Listen to the whole book, online.
Learn the glossary and pronunciation of words and terms used in the book.  A place to learn about the book.  A synopsis of Urantia Book philosophy.
A synopsis of the spiritual teachings of the book.  Great selected excerpts from the book.
A wonderful Urantia Book app that allows you to read and search the book on your android phone.  Many downloadable files of The Urantia Book in various formats.
Read and listen to the audio and text of The Urantia Book simultaneously.  Explore other important Urantia Book inspired sites.  A translation download center created by our regional society in New York.