What is the so-called “Teaching Mission?”  

On this site, we apply the term to what we know -- over a quarter century of recorded and transcribed lessons transmitted to a network of Urantia Book study groups. This mission is headed by Christ Michael, returning to the world where he incarnated as Jesus. It includes Melchizedeks and many ascending celestial personalities who work under auspices of a planetary “Time of Correction.”

There is a full curriculum for personal spiritual growth which, for each soul, leads to selfless service. This leads to various elements of a Magisterial Mission -- working co-creatively with celestials to redeem the planet and establish spiritual and sustainable institutions for a new era.

Inevitably, and based on teacher comments, many people have seen a larger “Teaching Mission” that incorporates many other attempts toward reliable celestial contact, much of it ongoing today in these critical, quickening times. We have always been open to simply explore our world, even to sources that may ultimately prove to be unreliable from human mind pollution.

The DAYNAL INSTITUTE and Nordan Symposia

ROB DAVIS created this comprehensive site to chronicle humankind's long history of real or alleged communications with celestial personalities. His career in philosophy and academic publishing is augmented by his personal experience as a transmitter.

Through the years, Rob has collected many historic and  current examples of humans channeling celestial voices. His site is for exploration and discussion, and not indoctrination. On his site, you can read transmissions from the late Thomas Jefferson and Judas Iscariot and others, and make your own conclusions on the content and the source.

The efforts of humans to bring forth spiritual revelation is certainly worthy of academic study itself. The amazing reality is the common thread of idealistic spiritual truth that touches all of them, whether polluted by human imaginations or not. The voices all support Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Rob's site stores a large trove of our Urantia-based Teaching Mission lessons over these many years, a lot of them from 1992 to 1996, the years before the establishment of TM Archives, which is our database.

These are found in Daynal's “Teaching Mission Dialogues.” Collections which are sizeable and especially valuable are:

•  Sarasota collections. Early 1990's transmissions from TM facilitator Patije in the Celestial Impressions group, with such teachers as LorEl, Aflana, and Vanessa.

•   The Voice. A series of transmissions from Mark Rogers' Thought Adjuster, transmitted from Idaho in the mid 2000's on the Light Line telephone hook-up.

•  “Gerdean”  A collection of transmissions from the prolific and renowned “Gerdean,” working with midwayers and a variety of celestial teachers in several locations.

•  Cincinnati TeaM. Years of lessons transmitted for teachers Tarkas, Elisha, Mantoube, Malvantra, Bakim, Machiventa and Christ Michael, via several transmitters.

•  Welmek, a celestial teacher with many transmissions in Indianapolis.

•  Elyon. A treasure chest of lessons from Coeur d'Allene, ID with this group teacher and a variety of guest celestials over the years, with many lessons transmitted through the late Rick Giles.

•  Daniel. Collected lessons from Pocatello, ID group teacher and guests over a number of years, most transmitted by the late Rev. Bill Kelly.

•  Rayson, a superb collection from a prolific teacher in California in the 1990's and recently in Colorado.

•  JarEl transmissions from California, a collection often shared and discussed by Dr. Bob Slagle, covering all of the lesson basics on stillness practice and teacher connection.

•  Ham, the very first North American teacher, was introduced and transmitted by “Rebecca” for many years in Salt Lake City and Nashville.

•  Christ Michael, the abiding force behind the mission, has many transcripts from various locations within the Urantia-based Teaching Mission groups, collected in his name over the years.

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Institute for Christ Consciousness

Donna D'Ingillo helps seekers find inner peace and deeper spiritual connections. Her introduction:

The Institute of Christ Consciousness is a service ministry dedicated to up-stepping both the individual's creative spirital potential and the planet's evolution to fulfill their destinies. We affirm there is a devine plan for the world. We are now in the stage of correcting the social and moral ills that have plagued our development from learning and growing the higher consciousness of the universe and Deity.

Furthermore, we affirm that each individual can participate in this extraordinary planetary event by opening and participating in the expression of your own inner divine plan that contributes to the collective.

We assist individuals to grow in the expression of their God-given gifts through our services of healing and transformative sessions, guided meditations, webinars, videos and subjects of spiritual growth, and books and recordings. Our services augment your capacity for spirtual receptivity and guide you on the path to achieve your own state of Christ Consciousness.

Our participation with our celestial helpers and Divine Parents fosters the changes in the planetary collective mine to outwork the mindsets of separation, self-centeredness, conflict, despair, anger, guilt and shame. We provide meditation experiences to uplift the planetary m ind to seed into the planetary mind the higher ideals of love, unity, compassion, harmony, tolerance, and forgiveness. This opens new pathways within the human heart-mind system to perceive greater universe truths.

We hold the intention that a social order based upon the divine ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty is growing from this heightened state of awareness as transformed individuals transform out world.

We have a comprehensive library of spiritual messages from our Divine Parents and celestial teachers that will inspire your hearts, infuse truth into your minds, and give you gereat hope and faith that something wonderful is indeed developing upon our world.

Explore our offerings at www.institutechristconsciousness.org

Come and join us in this greatest adventure of instituting Christ Consciousness upon the planet!

Correcting Time.org

Chris Maurus shares new messages for these critical times of great change from celestials in the Council of Seven. he transmits from North Caroline as part of the 11.11 global network.

Magisterial Mission.org

Vicki Vanderheyden shares her transmitted personal messages from Monjoronson Melchizedek in Michigan, as part of the 11.11 network. She facilitated, recorded and features a 101-question and answer series with Monjoronson, our new Magisterial Son, in Idaho and Washington.