Issue 17

Light and Life Journal: Issue 17 - FALL 2007

Exploring the Spiritual Universe on a planet with millions of unique free will mortals can take on many colors. We’ve collected here some movements and sites that stretch from the most basic spiritual questions (Is there life after death?) to the most profound new perspectives involving extraterrestrials and a complex, conversant spiritual hierarchy.

You are welcome to think them profoundly insightful or purely nonsense, elemental or fantastic or revealing. Off we go.

INSPIRATION IN ISTANBUL. The World Brotherhood Union/Mevlana Supreme Foundation is introducing a new spirit of unification and consciousness to the world and invites your visit to to read about their programs and an upcoming worldwide gathering. We have friends attending and will have reports. Check out their celestial revelation, The Knowledge Book, now translated to English.

COMPASSION POWER. The Common Bond Institute is holding an international conference on “Engaging the Other: The Power of Compassion” Oct. 25-28 in Dearborn, Michigan USA. The institute is supported by over 85 organizations and universities, including the Harmony Institute and Pathways to Peace Foundation.

KABBALAH RESOURCE. Friends in Tel Aviv have developed a huge online resource for information on the Jewish Kabbalah at It includes new video and visual technology with which to explore the ancient tome.

THE LIVING SINIXT NATION. We were led to discover information recently about the officially extinct Sinixt Indians of western Canada, finding that despite massive efforts to exterminate the tribe by the invading Europeans, there are still Sinixt families living today. Just as the US west was swept by “manifest destiny,” so too was Canada. Through the efforts of Alex Peacemaker and others today, the Sinixt people are seeking official recognition and to rise above extinct status with the government. There is a Sinixt website now being built. In the meantime, a trove of historical information is at a German university,

AFTERLIFE PROOF. The Forever Family Foundation is exploring related questions January 19-20, 2008, in Oceanside, NY. They are bringing together consciousness experts to explore proofs and understandings about life after death. Though it’s a scientific conference, planners say it will be geared to general audiences, and will feature bodies of evidence on near-death experiences, reincarnation, the nature of consciousness, quantum physics, ghosts and apparitions, afterlife encounters, mediumship and other phenomena. Details at

CREATURE COMFORTS. Amy Halvatzes reminds us to empower free donations of food to animal shelters across the US by clicking on Advertisers there donate a portion of a bowl of food for every click, and some folks click there daily. While there, I noted other advertiser-driven causes, including one to Save the Rain Forests.

VATICAN NIXES VIRGIN MARY CLAIM. London’s Daily Telegraph reports that the Pope has ruled against the cause of Patricia De Menezes of Surrey. She claims an apparition of the Virgin Mary in a pine tree told her to seek martyrdom for all children deliberately killed before birth. The Vatican noted that a martyr is someone who bears witness to Christ and ruled against her Community of Divine Innocence as the Catholic Church of England had done earlier. The Vatican is reportedly cracking down on mystical seers worldwide, considering charismatic visionaries as a risk to church unity.

STAN THE MAN. In 1983, Soviet military officer Stanislov Petrov defied standing orders and delayed a nuclear counterstrike against the US in response to what seemed to be a US missile attack, which turned out to be a rare alignment of the sun. Now hailed as a hero, albeit obscure, who saved millions of lives, Petrov lives on a modest military pension in Russia. But he has been honored by the United Nations. Read about him at In Urantia Book lore, many readers ran to shelters in this corresponding time period in an effort to survive a celestially predicted possible nuclear attack, but a report just in from California notes that the Petrov incident was in late September and the supernal warning message came on Oct. 6.

DOWN UNDER DEEP MEDITATIONS. A friend recommends in New Zealand for a program that enhances deep mind meditation and its benefits. Just downloaded lots of information on beta-alpha-theta-delta mind states for reading.

MUSLIM TO CATHOLIC INITIATIVE. More than 130 Muslim scholars have sent an open letter to Pope Benedict XVI, urging a new common ground of love for God and one another. Scholars are calling the outreach a “landmark.”

URANTIA-NASA LINK. Michael Sones was transported by extraterrestrials from his Hawaiian home to an architectural sphere near Saturn. While there, he was told to read the Urantia papers when he returned to earth. There are audio interviews with Michael at and NASA is reportedly sending a spacecraft to investigate the sphere. New friend Curtis Cooperman is tracking the phenomena.

KATE’S BLESSINGS. Kate Nowak and an inspiring band of colleagues have launched a global blessings movement and a fine new video at

KINDNESS MAGNET. More fine inspirations to kindness come your way from new friends at The internet has become a mecca for people who just want to spread Love.

RASHA ONENESS. Transmissions from celestial teacher Rasha anchors a new website discovery at It’s fascinating to see how the myriad of messages from supernals have a common thread and common ground to stand upon.

KIVA MICRO-LOANS to third world common folks who want to build a sustainable business sounds like a viable plan and can be reviewed at When entrepreneurs repay their loans, financed by microfinance institutions worldwide, donors  get their money back, perhaps to re-invest again and in the battle against world poverty.

SAVING THE BOOKS. A national protest has led the federal Bureau of Prisons to rescind their purge of some selected religious books in their libraries. Some lingering critics still worry that their criteria for acceptance will be constitutional and lawful. I’m sure they will be watching.

SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY. Naturalist Joseph Graf, who explores human-nature relationships, expounds recently on how the concept of Real Estate needs to be replaced with a far better system, one that recognizes that land is priceless and cannot be owned. Check his work at and it links to an arena of perceptions in his other books.

CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT. Owen Waters, author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, is another in a new wave of writers exploring these quickening times. He lists 9 memes of social progression on a planet: basic, personal survival; clan survival, courage, survival of the fittest; finding order and purpose in life, achievement, striving to succeed; responsible freedom; and a holistic, global village view. Waters explores these Spiritual Dynamics in his book at He also publishes a newsletter out of Dover, Delaware.

BELIEVE, AND MAKE MONEY. Ray Dodd, author of The Power of Belief and CEO of, wants to set up internet affiliates to share the bucks ($99) when they sell his self-improvement program. It appears, then, that clear and positive thinking is best put to use making money, per This is a questionable concept and ideal to me; there are higher uses for brilliant thinking. Oh well, it’s not unusual for folks to turn their positive insights into a business of some kind.

JESUS CHANNEL. I recently revisited to refamiliarize myself with the channelings of James Padgett in the early part of last century, which included Jesus, Judas and others. There is also a lot of opinion and attitude there re mediumship, spirit communications, and controlling deceptive spirits. All of it is remindful of the spiritualists of another era and the ongoing idea today that trance channeling is the most trustworthy means of celestial connection. The process of T/R, transmitting-receiving, is a new concept discussed at the L&L site and at

THE MILITARY AND RELIGION. A US soldier is suing the Department of Defense for browbeating him on behalf of Christianity and abrogating his rights. His case is at Looks like a full-scale battle getting underway with the other side being evangelicals who reportedly want to “transform” the nations of the world by military means.

PLEIADIANS SPEAK. Valerie Donner at transmits Mira, speaking for the Pleiadian High Council. She is another seer reporting and transmitting on an accelerated rate of change on the planet and a spiritual awakening. Valerie works with the Ascended Masters and Archangels as well. The Pleiadians are a highly advanced order of beings helping with spiritual growth on the planet.

PEACE SUMMIT. A global summit with delegations from 21 countries held a summit Sept. 21-26 for Departments and Ministries of Peace. They’re working for worldwide cooperation to avert wars and promote peaceful interactivity among nations.

TAKE A FUN BREAK! Watch this cockatoo’s excellent dance steps.

THE GOD-EVOLUTION LINK. At last, an author tells how God created evolution. Michael Dowd’s Thank God for Evolution, which is getting high praise from a wide range of religionists, even aetheists.

PEACE TOWER. Yoko Ono and friends have erected a peace tower that fills the northern sky with light, in honor of the late John Lennon and his famous peace song. Check out peace wish pictures from school children in Iran at

KATHERINA WEHRLI, a healing energy worker at sends a short essay on perception shifts in her latest newsletter.

Inspirations about Security

Spiritual interests are growing everywhere. The search for a simpler existence that includes an all-encompassing natural spirituality has become a true craving for many. While accepting that we are part of something bigger, we collaborate with nature and with spirit.

The rapid pace and fragmentation of modern life creates a lot of stress. Some of this stress is caused by outdated modes of operation. These are collective patterns that remain unrecognized. They are subconscious and play out in ways that perpetuate dysfunction. From birth they influence every member of society in a chain reaction.

Throughout history, religion was mixed with dogmatic principles. In thinking that there is a perfect way to do and have things, intuition and inner experience was obscured. This became the basis for confusion and insecurity, which in turn led to the unquestioned acceptance of authority figures that proclaimed dogmatic ideas.

In reality spiritual truth is dynamic; it cannot be contained within one system. Religious ideas are relative, and following them must remain a personal decision. In the end, truth is not learned, it has to be realized through inner experience.

When spirituality is rooted in intuition, no one else’s beliefs can threaten it. We simply understand truth through validation of our inner reality. We then compare this with the outer circumstances at hand. We know that those we meet are coming from this very same place. Their actions and opinions cannot make us feel insecure, because we value and follow that same process of internal guidance and outer alignment.

Those who make this shift in perception and experience become magnets for one another. Accordingly, the social chain reaction is set in motion once again. Only this time it is with constructive patterns that are liberating and equitable to all. Self-empowered people feel secure, because they trust their own life. They know that it is no one else but themselves who create the reality they experience. Thus they have no problem with taking responsibility for their circumstances. Whatever may arise, they rest assured that the solution is contained within the creative power of Spirit that guides their intuition.


Poetry by Donna Whelan 

This lovely friend sends the following:

Courageous Woman of the Dawn


Courageous Woman of the Dawn

Plant your feet, keep moving on

Love’s ahead, just up beyond

Courageous Woman of the Dawn


Don’t look behind, don’t falter

Just let your steps be sure

Place your hand in His hand

This way, you will endure.


He’ll help you with your children

He’ll guard your home from harm

He’ll make sure love is locked inside

So everyone is warm.


One day, He’ll stand beside you

In a body you can see

He’ll take you in His loving arms

And say, ‘Come away with me.’


Let’s have a life together

Off where the rainbows glow

Courageous Woman of the Dawn

You’re the one I want to know.


Hope you enjoyed issue 17.

Jim Cleveland

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