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Light and Life Journal: Issue 18

Welcome, spiritual seekers. Here is our latest array of discoveries in the quest for Light and Life, all recommended for your exploratory enjoyment.

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Light and Life Journal: Issue 17

Exploring the Spiritual Universe on a planet with millions of unique free will mortals can take on many colors. We’ve collected here some movements and sites that stretch from the most basic spiritual questions (Is there life after death?) to the most profound new perspectives involving extraterrestrials and a complex, conversant spiritual hierarchy.

You are welcome to think them profoundly insightful or purely nonsense, elemental or fantastic or revealing. Off we go.

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Light and Life Journal: Issue 16

Welcome to this new quarterly resurrection of the Light and Life Journal. This will be like a safari journal in our ‘Exploration of the Spiritual Universe.’

As spiritualists get in touch with us regarding their messages and the media derived from them, I will pass along many of them for your exploration. Some of them will resonate with you; others may not. They are nonetheless all part of the spiritual and religious landscape in these amazing times. Maybe we can find the ONEness in all if we keep exploring.

The world is shrinking while it is quickening, thanks to the work of a myriad of movements. Here are some of them that have contacted us recently.

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Light and Life Journal: Archived Issues

Light and Life Journal: Issue #15

Featuring 38 pages of celestial transmissions from the Teaching Mission groups, all in '04 and '05. Teachers include Machiventa, Nebadonia, Zarath, Abraham, Mary Magdalene, Elyon, JarEL, Monjoronson, Ham, Rayson, Aaron, Christ Michael, Tomas, AhmaNiden, the Mentor Team and Mantutia, plus the Celestial Artisans.

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